UNITED STATES—This week was difficult to say the least. I woke up Monday morning planning to hear good things on the local news station; however, I was at a loss for words after hearing about the mass shooting that transpired in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday night during a country music festival near the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort. Shocking isn’t even a word that I could utilize to explain how I felt and the various emotions that were exploding in my mind.

The fact that we continue to have such horrific incidents continuing to transpire in this country really brings up the question of gun control once again. I have witnessed countless videos from various individuals who happened to be trapped as Stephen Haddock unleashed countless rounds, which seemed never-ending. People hit the ground and did their best to find shelter in a region where shelter was non-existent. He shot multiple rounds of gunfire from his hotel window inside Mandalay Bay which oversaw the music festival as it transpired.

Reports revealed that the suspect over 20 weapons inside his hotel room and countless ammunition to implement the massacre that he planned. He was at the hotel several days before the shooting commenced, which meant the suspect planned this attack which is very worrisome. Over 59 people killed, and that number could rise in the coming days. Close to 500 people were injured during the shooting, where more than 22,000 where in attendance at the festival.

That is beyond scary America. This was an open-space America and just raises the question rather we are safe anymore in this country. The ability for someone to easily gain access to such weaponry and to be able to fire endlessly is unquestionable. The question everyone wants to know is how in the world was this individual able to bring in so much weaponry inside the hotel and not be detected by hotel security. That is the thing about Las Vegas, it’s such a grand place that it is very difficult to police. The level of traffic in and out of sin city on a daily basis is gargantuan, not to mention when certain high-profile events like the Mayweather and McGregor fight, it’s even worse.

This is a city where cameras are literally riddled across most of the casinos and throughout the Las Vegas strip. I suspect this recent incident is going to without a doubt change the level of security in Las Vegas. Luggage is bound to maybe be checked when entering hotels; they might even implement metal detectors in the coming months. I’ve been to Vegas before, but that was about 4 years ago, and I recently planned to take a trip back to Las Vegas in late November early December. Now, I’m not so certain if that trip will take place, as I’m worried about safety concerns now.

Did the suspect who is a resident of Nevada purchase such firepower legally or was it illegally obtained? And when you consider the geographic make-up of Las Vegas, all of the hotels have vivid views of Sin City from above. It’s almost like a prime target for such violence and it’s utterly scary now that I reflect back on things. Las Vegas is a city that will never be the same; the fun of that city which it is known for has been ripped away. People going to Las Vegas from this point forward will forever have a level of skepticism when they visit.

People are doing their best to navigate a motive for the shooting for the suspect, whose criminal background beyond a citation. This is a coward who committed this crime all on his own and utilized weapons that were banned for nearly a decade in the United States. This is a cry out to America: We must get a grip on gun control in America. I get it, I get everyone wants to have a gun, they want to voice their right to the second amendment, but why in the hell is it so vital for people to have their hands on combat and semi-automatic weapons in this country. Such weaponry is dangerous and we shouldn’t just allow any and every one to get their hands on a gun.

My heart is breaking America, and prayers are going out to the families of all the victims in this country who lost loved ones during this senseless crime. We love you and we pray that we get through this difficult time that will take more than a few days to digest.