HOLLYWOOD─We all know when it comes to sequels rarely do they surpass their predecessor. Most are terrible, but in rare cases some entertain just as much as their predecessor. That is the argument I’m making for “Trolls World Tour.” The first installment in the franchise hit theaters back in 2016 and had that inescapable hit “Can’t Stop the Feelin’” by Justin Timberlake. How can I best say this: “Trolls World Tour” is all about the music and the music alone keeps the audience entertained in the best possible way.

It is exciting, full of charm, witty, clever and just meshes a wonderful message about inclusion, diversity and not judging a book by its cover. Once again in the driver seat we have Poppy (voice of Anna Kendrick) and Branch (voice of Justin Timberlake) living in bliss after their past adventure and Poppy coming into her skin as the Queen of the Pop Trolls. The day starts with plenty of songs, hugs and lots of dance. However, when the gang receives a message from Barb (voice of Rachel Bloom) inviting them to her world tour, Poppy thinks everything is great. Barb has a goal of making rock n’ roll the music for all trolls, trumping the other genres.

That is until she learns from her father, King Peppy (voice of Walk Dohm) who explains they are NOT the only trolls who exist. The audience is treated to an interesting backstory about the elders explaining the various genres of music like Country, Classical, Techno, Funk and Rock, who could not come to live in harmony and decided to splinter off. One could almost compare the Trolls legacy to the seven continents of Earth.

Could one argue the narrative is a bit loose? Yes, but it’s a movie about trolls who sing and dance so there should not be expectations that will blow your socks off. I will admit I loved and I mean loved the music in this movie. It reminds you of such great pop, country, techno, rock and funk songs that you remember, but haven’t heard in quite some time. With that said, the jokes land on constant occasions I mean the pinky promise scene between Poppy and Biggie (voice of James Corden) left me in stitches.

There are wise cracks between Poppy and Branch, and we cannot forget about Copper (voice of Ron Funches) who just has perfect comedic timing as a character. Other notable names lending their talent to the animated flick include George Clinton, Ozzy Osbourne, Mary J. Blige, Kelly Clarkson and Sam Rockwell to name a few. This is one of those rare occasions where both the adults and kids will be entertained by a movie and one doesn’t have to wonder if a specific subject matter is suitable for all audiences.

You absolutely will laugh, you will sing and you will want to dance after watching “Trolls World Tour.” Also it doesn’t hurt that its message about inclusion and embracing diversity which is something that needs to be embraced more now than ever in the world we currently live in. The filmmakers got things right with this sequel; it’s one that I will indeed be adding to my collection America.