HOLLYWOOD—Well the secret is finally out on “The Young and the Restless.” Ashland Locke learned that Harrison Locke is not his son courtesy of Tara and Kyle when he showed up unexpectedly at the Abbott family home. Yes, Ashland was tipped off to Tara and Harrison’s location thanks to Sally Spectra, who wanted to spark up a partnership. Sally is an interesting character, who started out trying to redeem herself, but after being pushed into a corner, her old vindictive ways have resurfaced.

Sally and Ashland had a meeting of the minds that resulted in the two developing a partnership to get Summer Newman out of town. This adds another layer of chaos to the narrative because it will ultimately involve the Newman clan which I’m not so sure I’m intrigued to see. A job offer has been placed on the table one that could usher Summer out of town, and to be honest, I would be ok with it.

The Summer and Kyle partnership is NOT as exciting as the writers seem to think it is. I mean it was Kyle and Lola who had the spark and for reasons I cannot fathom, the writers decided to break them apart, and with Sashe Calle starring in other projects I don’t see the character coming back anytime soon. Summer is tempted by this offer and considering she has no idea that it was Ashland and Sally’s idea to get her out of town. Summer is indeed feeling the pressure as she realized that Tara will indeed be a staple in Kyle’s life now that he has a son, and with Harrison and Tara in Genoa City I’m certain the writers plan to have the characters stick around for storyline purposes.

Seems like “The Young and the Restless” is having the same problem as “The Bold and the Beautiful” too many characters and not enough storyline to go around because what the hell is Nick Newman doing? He seems to have nothing going on right now and the writer’s don’t have an idea on what to do with the character. I mean he’s budding up with Adam after he saved his daughter Faith countless times?

Seems stale, the same as the Victor going after Billy Abbott. Please kill this story before it even starts. I’m over it; Victor needs to find a new hobby because constantly bullying people is getting old people. He’s doing the same thing with Chelsea, whose insanity angle is working, but Victor and Adam have other plans, but can you blame the woman after what Adam did.

I am so eager to see the romance starting to spark between Victoria and Ashland. Nothing has happened yet, but it is pointing in that direction and these two have sparks that are exciting to watch people. Billy is not happy, neither is Nikki. Oh, that makes the teaming up of these two: that much more fun people. Victoria Newman and Ashland Locke together is a dangerous duo so Genoa City should be very, very worried.

Amanda is learning more about her family’s secrets, like the fact that her father Rick was actually searching for his twin daughters and someone wanted to stop him from locating Hillary and Amanda. Looks like Imani might be sticking around in GC and providing a bit of competition for Elena for Nate’s heart people. So could that be interesting? Maybe, but the audience will just have to wait and see what transpires.