SAN FRANCISCO—Two men who were arrested in 2018 for beating and raping a San Francisco woman, are awaiting a jury trial as first reported on Friday, October 15.

Christian Alejandro May Quintero, 27, of Sonoma and Fredi Analberto Lopez Flores, 36, of Novato, are facing an extensive amount of felonies. Quintero is facing 21 felonies and 24 sentencing enhancements and Flores is facing 17 felonies with 47 sentencing enhancements.

Flores’ attorney, Gabriel Quinnan, announced that the case cannot be resolved short of a trial. Both defendants withdrew their waivers for a speedy trial and asked for a trial date.

In April 2018, the suspects forced the 24-year-old victim into their vehicle while she was waiting for a rideshare to take her back to her San Francisco home.

They were said to have driven down to Sonoma County and during their trip assaulted the victim in the back of their vehicle.

The victim was able to escape from her captors when they parked at a strip mall. She got the attention of a Safeway employee who called 9-1-1. The employee stayed with the victim until authorities arrived.

Cellphone data and surveillance video from multiple outlets helped locate and identify the suspects. The investigation led to a search of Quintero’s home. During the search, officials found incriminating evidence. According to authorities, the crime was a random act of violence.

If convicted, both men could face life in prison.