SAN FRANCISCO—A police chase transpired on Wednesday, August 24, that resulted in the arrest of 29-year-old Tiara Raina Hewitt, and 33-year-old Demarco Ransom, both from San Francisco. Hewitt is wanted for a myriad of charges and has outstanding warrants in multiple cities.  

The chase began around 3:15 p.m. on Leavenworth Street that when plainclothes police officers stopped the pair in their car due to suspicions of an illegal fencing operation. 

The San Francisco Police Department walked up to their vehicle, that was suspected of being used in auto thefts, and saw a suspect making a transaction that involved items that were potentially stolen goods. Further inquiries led investigators to determine that the license plate of the car had been stolen in San Leandro. 

Police officers in uniform arrived on the scene and then attempted to make a traffic stop at Turk and Hyde Streets. 

When the two suspects were stopped, Hewitt put the car in reverse and hit the police car multiple times which resulted in the injury of an officer. As they were attempting to flee the car, they ran over police bicycles that were parked on the sidewalk. 

They collided with several other vehicles during their attempted escape. They almost hit a few pedestrians along the way. 

The pursuit ended when officers deployed spike strips in the areas of Broadway and Polk Streets. The vehicle hit a metal bicycle rack and anti-vehicle bollard on a pedestrian walkway and then came to a stop on Galilee Lane at Laguna Street. Both suspects were arrested on the scene.

Hewitt was booked on nearly two dozen charges including three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, three counts of carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle, three counts of failure to stop at red light, two counts of vandalism, two counts of disobeying traffic control devices, two counts of removal of vehicle-collision, carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle,  resisting/delaying arrest, possession of stolen property, hit and run involving injury, reckless evading of a police officer, reckless driving, stopping at a scene of an accident with property damage, driving on sidewalks, disobeying traffic signals, assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm, resisting an officer and conspiracy. The SFPD discovered that she has outstanding warrants in Pacifica, Brentwood, Fremont and Alameda, Santa Clara and Placer counties on a variety of theft charges.

Ransom was booked on nine charges including four counts carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle, carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle, conspiracy, resisting/delaying arrest, carrying a loaded firearm in public and being felon in possession of a firearm. Ransom also had a pair of outstanding warrants in Alameda County — including a charge of assault with a deadly weapon — and Pacifica.

Ransom was transported to the hospital for precautionary reasons and was later medically released.