U-Haul Driver Dies After Jumping Into Bay


SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, October 22, a man who stole a U-Haul died after he jumped off the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

About 12:20 a.m., a man and a woman stole a U-Haul and rammed it into a California Highway Patrol car. A determination for the crash is unknown, but it occurred near Pennsylvania Ave & 25th Street. After the crash, authorities from the San Francisco Police Department and the California Highway Patrol pursued the suspects in the U-Haul. The chase began near U.S. Highway 101/ Interstate 280 interchange.

There is a video on the app Citizen, providing highlights of the incident. The video shows 25th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in Potrero Hill near the intersection. Authorities can be seen blocking off part of the street, with lights flashing and other patrol cars blocking traffic from the Embarcadero.

After authorities began a chase, they lost track of the U-Haul, but found it near Third Street and Terry A. Francois Boulevard near the Third Street Bridge. KTUV reported that the man and woman in the U-Haul began driving the wrong way down 25th Street toward Pennsylvania Avenue. The suspect turned onto 3rd Street Bridge, where the male abandoned the U-Haul and his female companion to flee on foot, and jumped into the Bay. Authorities grabbed the male suspect and pulled him out of the bay and detained the female companion.

The woman’s condition is not known, but her accomplice passed away at a local hospital shortly after. According to reports, when officers grabbed the man out of the water, he was unconscious. The name of the deceased individual has not been disclosed to the public. Details of an exact cause of death has not been released.