SAN FRANCISCO — On Thursday, March 25 Uber announced that they plan to reopen their office in San Francisco located on 1455 Market St, starting at 20 percent capacity on Monday, March 29. Their staff may return at their leisure on a voluntary basis. 

There will also be COVID-19 protocols to follow such as face coverings during the initial reopening phase, maintaining a safe distance, and wipe down areas such as their desks. If staff or their family members are sick they are required to stay home.

Picture retrieved from Uber Facebook page

Back in May, 2020 Uber introduced its mandatory mask policy. They expanded it to their riders. They implemented mask verification through their app for their No Mask No Ride Policy. Mask Verification prompts users to take a photo of themselves before they can begin driving, delivering, or riding, and it uses Uber technology to verify that they’re wearing a mask. In May, over 1250 riders in the U.S. and Canada were removed from the Uber platform because of their failure to comply. 

In a statement on Uber’s blog, the company said, “accountability is a 2-way street… We are building technology and implementing policies that highlight shared accountability and mutual respect.”