“Unconscious State” Album Review

Jon Connor

HOLLYWOOD—On Tuesday, July 2, Jon Connor released his anticipated album “Unconscious State.” Connor dropped the 21-track album with a numerous amount of features throughout the album where he showcases his lyrical skill.

He kicks the album off with “Unconscious State Prelude,” which is a instrumental that sets the somber and optimistic tone of the album. In the first track, “Unconscious State,” he raps about his strive and work, but at the same time they don’t acknowledge him as he should be. He than goes into “Take The World” which features various women like Lia Mack, Lyric Da Queen and Jenna Noelle who rap and cover the hook about taking over the world.

The album than moves into “Connor 25:17,” which features our musician releasing his anger and built up animosity. The album than moves onto “The Sarah Song” which finds him discussing his time with women. “Michigan$#!*” features Slaughterhouse lyricist Royca Da 5’9, which is a praise to his home state.

“Over & Over” is an attempt at a more commercial track in which his rhymes are not as impressive. “F’N Right” features Freddie Gibbs, which is also an unmemorable track. “When I Was Young” features Chris Webby & Smoke DZA; the instrumental and sample is very impressive. The rappers rhyme about their younger days.

“Under Oath” is a more intimate cut about his life and making it as far as he has. “2 Week Notice” is a fun song in which he raps about working at a regular job and hating it. “The Porn Song” is also a fun song about porn stars combined with a love song, which is very enjoyable.

“Let Us Pray” isn’t much, as the album goes into “Rise Up” featuring Talib Kweli, a much more conscious song. “This Time” is a love song about making changes in his relationships. “Judge & Jury” is about his built up anger against all rappers who aren’t as talented as they claim to be.

“Running Away” is also a very intimate track, which finds Connor rhyming about wanting to run away from it all because he’s getting so tired of it. “American Pie” is a song about him and his want to have sex back when he was in high school. “Outro” sums up the entire album and he raps about himself. The album is very aesthetically pleasing in terms of music and Connor’s rhymes are beginning to mature a lot more, because he has always been a worthy lyricist.

By Luis Cuevas