UNITED STATES—If you intend to buy a college paper from academic help companies, you are most certainly worried about what will come out of it. With most essay writing websites, you just pay money and hope for the best. In other words, you have no particular guarantee that your order will be completed on time and your money will not vanish.

There are a lot of myths surrounding academic help websites at the same time. Some people still consider them fraudulent projects fed by the rapid growth of the web. On the other hand, thousands of students in the US and abroad keep using such services every year. After all, academic help companies have turned out to be useful on a number of occasions. In this article, we will find out which writing services are safe to use and which ones should be avoided.

The notoriety of essay mills

The bad reputation of essay writing websites goes back to the times when they just appeared. No one could trust a company without experience when plagiarism started to flourish with the help of the internet. 15 years ago, ordering a paper could be quite risky. No one knew whether an assignment was completed from scratch, resold, or just downloaded from free online sources. Scam websites traded plagiarized materials for as long as they could. In the end, many such essay mills vanished in order to not to be sued by clients.

Over the years, the internet has become a safer place for customers. Today, we have fewer chances to run into a scam while seeking for academic help. Now, we will discuss some real risks you may face when buying your paper online.

Cheap websites: the threat of plagiarism

When you buy anything cheaper than its usual cost, you may automatically become skeptical. And that is for a good reason. If someone asks for a very low price for a paper, it may be plagiarized or done by a dilettante writer. Completing your assignment from scratch takes the time of a freelance specialist. A writing service that hires competent staff and completes custom-made papers cannot offer super cheap prices for its work. For this reason, do not aim for inexpensive offers in the first place.

Sometimes businesses set prices that are a bit lower than average in the market. It does not necessarily mean they plagiarize or have bad writing standards. Take a closer look at such websites by reading samples, testimonials, and guarantees.

Pay attention to the quality of papers you get

Before you choose a website that will solve your writing problems, we recommend you to check its quality yourself. You may be tempted to place an order just somewhere to get your assignment done faster and to forget about it. The problem is that services that look credible may still provide an unsatisfactory quality of writing. And you will not know it until you look closely at what they send to you. Order a short essay to check the quality. Read your paper or let some friends do it for you. If there are major flaws in the document you get, you should find another academic help service. Try always to look through the assignments written by someone else. It will save you from troubles with your teacher.

Reputation is earned

Trying to choose a safe writing company, and always pay attention to reviews real customers leave. You can see them with the help of services such as Trustpilot. Looking at the number and quality of reviews, you can decide if any particular website is reliable or not. Also, pay attention to the experience of the company. Opt for helpers with 5 years in custom writing or more. Services that have just appeared are more likely to be problematic than those functioning for a while. After all, reputation is the only thing that gives us a hint about the credibility of anything we look for.

Risks for customers fall with every year

Whatever the history of essay writing services is, with every other year they become more reliable. Anti-plagiarism software is now more elaborate, and writers get better at competing in the market. You do not have to be super suspicious regarding online businesses these days. If their testimonials and guarantees look alright, you can place a small order to check the quality of the writing and service. In the worst-case scenario, you will not lose much, but it is more likely that you will find a satisfactory website to complete your papers when you have no time for them. It is often difficult to trust what we cannot see or touch. But an essay writing service that has earned many return customers certainly deserves your attention.

When educational standards rise, so does the demand for academic help

Today, more and more students need assistance with their college tasks. Some of them are foreigners and struggle to write complex papers. Many people combine work, studying, and family life, so they naturally have to order their essays somewhere. When there is a demand, custom writing companies do their best to perform better than their competitors. The market thus helps students to use websites of a higher quality. Today, your chances of buying from unsafe service are really low.

The broad variety of companies available online allows you to choose the one that suits your needs best. All of them offer different prices for their services. These websites also specialize in  particular assignments, like essays or term papers. As a result, you can always choose a safe academic help company to solve your problems.