“Vampire Diaries” Kills….In Season Finale!


HOLLYWOOD—Just when I had given up hope on “The Vampire Diaries” the series found a way to pull me back in within the last month and a half, leading up to a finale that left many speechless. The series wrapped its fifth season finale, with the death of a major character. If you haven’t seen the episode, STOP READING NOW. Well, it appears Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is DEAD! Yep, you heard me right, the writers went there. He didn’t go alone, as Bonnie (Kat Graham) bid adieu to Mystic Falls once again. Yep, seems like Bonnie has more lives than a cat.

So what about Damon? That is a big mystery that we’ll have to decipher more in a little bit, but let’s rewind to the beginning. When we last left off Caroline (Candice Accola) was a complete mess after discovering that Stefan had been killed, which only created more tears for Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder). On the other side, Stefan found himself in grave danger, but Lexie (Arielle Kebbel) rescued him; just as Damon unleashed all hell on Bonnie about her failed plan. Wow, this is a side of Damon audiences have rarely seen before.

So much pressure has been put on Bonnie to rescue her friends from impending fates. How about they stop putting themselves in life or death situations? Liv and her brother, Luke found themselves confronted by Caroline and Elena begging for her help, which provoked Caroline to get a bit dirty to get what she wants. Markos reveled in his newfound accomplishments and proved he meant business by sending Tyler (Michael Trevino) to a torturous grave. Whew, that was a painful death to watch. Jeremy (Stephen R. McQueen) and Matt (Zach Roerig) updated Damon on their latest plan to take down Markos and his legions of travelers. The plan was quite genius to say the least on Damon’s end.

Lexie and Stefan played catch-up in their attempt to locate Alaric. She delivered a bit of truth to Stefan about Caroline’s interest in him. Bonnie continued to keep Jeremy in the dark about her fate. Enzo (Michael Malarkey) revealed the one Traveler with the ability to rescue those that she cares most about: Silas. Indeed an interesting twist.  Sheriff Forbes was able to implement the plan to get all the travelers at a secure location to send a message as to who runs things in Mystic Falls, but Markos was a obstacle standing in her way.

Damon informed Elena that he was sacrificing himself to ensure the return of the people that she cares most about. She begged him not to put himself in danger. He made a promise that he may not be able to keep. After the constant back and forth, I would argue that Elena is better suited with Stefan. Their love doesn’t come across forbidden; it’s natural chemistry.

Bonnie was able to exact vengeance against Silas for murdering her father, by allowing him to be blown to oblivion. She shared a heartfelt moment with her Grams who refused to pass through. She quipped something ominous forcing me to think she’s made some sort of deal to ensure her granddaughter’s survival. Hmm, interesting to say the least!

Markos suspected Sheriff Forbes latest plot and she became a casualty in the explosion, just as Damon accepted his fate and stubborn headed Elena, choose to risk her life to be with the guy she loves. She’s such an idiot sometimes it makes the audience want to scream. The explosion resulted in the death of many travelers who began passing through, just as Bonnie warned Damon and Elena to get back to the other side as soon as possible, but things were not as easy as they seemed, as Damon found himself playing hero to rescue Liz.

With the walls collapsing each person passing through placed both Bonnie and Liv’s life at risk, just as Caroline realized Tyler is no longer a hybrid. Bonnie made the choice to grab hold of a resentful Elena, just as Stefan feared the worst.  Lexi realized Bonnie’s livelihood slipping away, and she refused to put Bonnie’s life at risk. Wow, that woman is indeed a class act. Luke concerned with his sister’s safety ended the spell, trapping Damon on the other side with Bonnie. Elena nearly fell apart, upon discovering that Damon would not be returning to her, forcing his lover and her brother to come to grips that Damon is gone.

The funny thing about “The Vampire Diaries” is no one truly stays dead on this series, no matter how much we’d like to believe they’re gone. There is always a way to cheat the system. Bonnie finally told Jeremy the truth about her fate causing him to run like hell to share one last moment with the one he loved. This episode had to be the biggest tearjerker since Jeremy’s supposed death in season four. The episode culminated with Bonnie and Damon coming to the realization that the other side is now gone.

They clasped hands and she asked “Do you think it will hurt?” Damon responded, “I don’t know.” Could this truly be the end of two of the most beloved characters in the series? What direction are we heading into for season six? Who will be the big bad villain this go around, is season six the last for the series? So many questions, not enough answers, until the fall “Vampire Diaries” fanatics!

By LaDale Anderson