My name is “Bethany,” and, yes, I’m a Pit Bull Terrier, but please don’t let that turn you off.  I hope that you’ll listen to my story.  I’m only about ten months old.  I was abandoned, and I have no idea why, because I’m really very sweet and loving.

I’m very calm, love to take walks, and will never pull on the leash.  Do you like to get kisses?  Well, I hope that you do, because I sure like to give them! I’m very smart, eager to learn, eager to please, and would be a very loyal companion. 

Did you know that my breed was used as a mascot for the RCA Company and for the Buster Brown Shoe company?  A Pit Bull named “Petie” starred in  “Our Gang,” a children’s TV series.  And, did you know that a Pit Bull represented the United States in WW1 artwork, and a Pit Bull by the name of “Stubby” became a WW1 hero?

Theodore Roosevelt and Helen Keller owned Pit Bulls, and during that time we were very much admired, loved and respected.  So, you see, if you give us lots of love, you can be sure that you will get lots of love right back. I sure hope that you’ll come to see me.  You can take me for a walk and I’ll show you what nice leash manners I have.  How about it?

Just in case I’m not the one for you, I hope that you will check the website, which is:, where you will see all of my doggy and kitty friends that would love to meet you. Then all that you have to do is call for an appointment to see us!

FRIENDS OF ANIMALS  310-479-5089

By Vi Logan