BEVERLY HILLS—My name is “Lisi”, and you may remember seeing me here before. However, I thought that I’d refresh your memory, as I’m still waiting for that certain someone to come along and say that I’m just the one that they have been looking for to make their life complete. I’m sure that you’re out there somewhere, and, hopefully, seeing me here today will do the trick!

I’m a littleChihuahuamix about two and a half years old. I weigh only about ten pounds, so I’m very easy to pick up, and I’m a great lap cuddler, too! Do you have another dog that would like a friend to hang out with? I’d be a great one, as I get along just fine with other dogs. Do you have children that would like a four-footed friend to play with? Well, here I am!

And, how about you? Have you been meaning to get some exercise and keep putting it off? Well, you couldn’t put it off if you had me, as I need and love to go for walks, so, I’d show you what fun it can be to get your exercise by just taking me for a couple of nice walks every day. As the saying goes, if it wasn’t for dogs, some people would never go for walks.

You can see more about me, and also see all of my doggy and kitty friends that are here if you check the website, which is: I hope that this is my lucky day!


By Vi Logan