Vi’s Corner: “Pepe”


My name is “Pepe”, and I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! You may remember seeing my picture before. No, I’m not looking for a new home, as I’m very comfortable in the one that I have and don’t ever want to leave.

The writer of this column is my mommy. She adopted me a couple of years ago and I have trained her very well. I have taught her to take me out at certain times, feed me at certain times, and take me to the park every afternoon.  She knows that when I roll on my back I want a tummy rub, and if I want to sit on her lap, no matter what she’s doing, she’s to let me do it-as she’s doing right now, as she’s writing this column. I have been very lucky, as she learned these things very fast. She loves me very much, and I show her how much I love her by giving her lots of kisses every day. So, I guess that you can tell that we’re very happy together.

I bet that there are a lot of people out there that would be fast learners like my mommy, and could be trained very quickly by the doggies and kitties that are waiting for someone to take them home with them. So, I hope that you will check the website, which is:, where you will see them all.  Then, won’t you please call for an appointment to see them?  You could start the New Year with a new best friend!!

FRIENDS OF ANIMALS  310-479-5089

By Vi Logan