BEVERLY HILLS—Hi, everyone!  My name is “Tootsie”, and I’m a four year old little girl. I’m very sweet, and kind of shy, so I would like to have a quiet home.  If you have another cat, that’s fine, just so that she or he won’t bully me!

I was rescued from the streets and lived with a wonderful family that had another cat, and we became best buddies. Then the landlord enforced his “no pets” rule, so here I am, waiting for another loving family.  Even though I may be a little shy, I’m very friendly, and I love to be loved.  So, if I could have someone to cuddle with, that would make my life complete.

I should, of course, be an indoor cat, but it’s fun to sit by the window and see all of the birds and squirrels and people go by.  So, if you have a perch next to a window, where I could sit to watch all of the activity, I would love that.

So, you see, I don’t ask for much.  Just a window and a loving, quiet home.  Would I fit your life style?  If I would, I sure hope that you will come to see me.

If you would like to see all of the other kitties and doggies that are here waiting for their forever homes, you can see them on the website, which is:  Won’t you call to see us?


By Vi Logan