HOLLYWOOD─Well “Walking Dead” fans it has indeed been quite some time since we last talked about the series. So much so that I had to go back and re-watch the last episode to have a refresher of just what transpired and where we left off. Yup, I remember, Carol in her thirst for vengeance decided to go after Alpha, which led to several of our protagonists becoming trapped in an underground cave, where Alpha was indeed hording those walkers.

The premiere episode, ‘Squeeze’ saw Daryl and Carol discussing their precarious positions. Yes people, there are enough walkers in that cave to literally take out every single one of our protagonists and some. Alpha watched in glee, as Carol unleashed a scream. Daryl, Aaron, Carol, Connie, Kelly, Jerry and Magna worked to escape, but I was so annoyed by the visuals. It was so damn dark watching the episode; it was difficult to see what was taking place.

Daryl continued to move to see a path to escape, as Magna and Carol were at odds over her impulsivity. Back at The Whisperers camp, Alpha and Beta confronted a possible mole within their group, as Gamma feigned ignorance. She should be careful with Negan well aware she could be the culprit. Carol finally confessed to Daryl what she felt in terms of her quest for revenge against Alpha. While exploring, Whisperers invaded the cave and was on the attack, just as Magna went missing.

Negan alerted Alpha that the mole is inside the camp, to which she refused to acknowledge, until he poked further and pointed the target on Gamma. Alpha is not one to mess with as she threatened to cut away his man parts because of his thirst to raise paranoia. Daryl found a path that helped the gang climb to safety, just as Carol’s claustrophobia started to paralyze her body. I seriously think this episode was crafted with this dark, eerie vibe to force the viewers to wonder what it would be like to be entrapped in such closed spaces. Chaos erupted as walkers were on the gang’s tail, with Connie, Jerry and Aaron literally crawling for absolute survival.

What’s the problem? Jerry got stuck and couldn’t move any further, as the walkers made it to Jerry’s feet and started to nibble at them, just as Daryl and company pulled like hell to come to his rescue. Lucky for Jerry, who I thought was a goner; the walkers only bite through his shoes. Whew, that was indeed intense America. So after all that traveling they discovered a cliff that only led to an opening to WAY MORE walkers.

Alpha and Beta were concerned about Gamma’s whereabouts, Alpha made orders, and Beta followed out on his Queen’s orders. Oh, this is good, war is about to erupt in the Whisperers own camp, it’s about time people. Kelly discovered dynamite. While I would be all for its usage, you’re trapped in a cave, not a smart idea to blow something up in small quarters.

I don’t know what to think about Negan. Is he actually entrenched with the Whisperers or just using them as leverage to prove his loyalty to those he betrayed in the past? Alpha forced Negan to strip down to his skivvies, and he was surprised to see her disrobed as well. Wait is Alpha actually coming onto Negan? This is beyond creepy, it’s just sick. Negan and Alpha a couple, I don’t know rather to barf, scream or run away from the TV. Carol took one of the dynamite, just as Kelly was able to reach the surface to see sunlight.

In her quest for revenge, Carol slipped and was about to become walker meat, but Daryl came her rescue yet again. Carol finally broke down, just as she wanted to light that dynamite to take out the horde. Things started to collapse, as Kelly was the first to reach the surface, as Connie returned to rescue Daryl and Carol. Why do I sense even though Jerry escaped the first time around, he’s not going to make it out this time around. Magna and Kelly were fighting off walkers, when the cave exploded. Wow, so you’re telling me we lost both Magna and Connie as a result of Carol’s recklessness?

Daryl was livid at Carol, and Kelly was an emotional mess. Yes, Carol it’s your fault that people the audience care about are lost, just as Daryl planned to find another way inside to rescue Connie and Magna. Oh, next week looks really good “Walking Dead” faves as Beta evades Alexandria and the war erupts even more. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!