HOLLYWOOD—I thought last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was one of the best since the second part of season 11 returned. It brought some tension and danger that was missing from the serious in my opinion. This week’s episode, ‘The Rotten Core’ picked up precisely where last week ended with Negan back in the mix. Toby was still up to his dirty tricks, as he reported back to Lance what was taking place and it became clear to Toby that he was NOT in control as he had previously suspected, as Maggie and Aaron planned to make a bold move.

It was apparent that these people inside this apartment complex are not just seeking shelter, but they have made this place a home people. Too bad, Maggie and Aaron were almost taken out by Annie, but Lydia and Elijah came to assist, just as Negan and Maggie came face-to-face again. It was a big family reunion people, where Aaron and Negan went to battle and it became clear the journey to escape would NOT be an easy task. Rosita and Daryl went on a bit of mission courtesy of Pamela’s spoiled, bratty son. Yeah, this kid is got damn annoying to say the least people.

I will NOT miss seeing this kid receive his comeuppance or meet his maker in the very near future. It was a dangerous mission for Rosita and Daryl. Looks like the vicious Negan is back in full force people, just as Maggie learned from her new ally that things are much tougher than they look people, and Maggie’s son pulled a gun on Negan realizing he was the guy responsible for murdering his son. With that said, it was a powerful scene to say the least forcing Negan to come to grips with how his past could be detrimental to his future people.

Thankfully, Lydia came to Negan’s aide in a nick of time, just as Negan was forced to show a bit of emotion. Daryl managed to turn the power back on at that house, but in the process he awakened a ton of walkers who wanted flesh and Daryl was literally fighting to survive people, as the flashing electricity made it hard to see what was transpiring, but it was a neat cinematic moment. Daryl and Rosita were able to rescue April, who was trapped inside a house because of an alarm system.

They were NOT able to disarm the alarm that was surely going to trigger walkers in their direction people. Daryl discovered a safe with a ton of money. Wow, this is interesting. Carol and Mercer soon joined Daryl, April and Rosita. It was a walker bloodbath people inside that home as our protagonists minus Mercer unleashed a bit of anger, but Rosita was haunted to see one of her allies, who happened to be a Commonwealth trooper lose their life. Toby is just a complete ass I need this guy to be taken out ASAP, I cannot stand him.

Toby confronted Gabriel and Aaron on the roof and was ready to fire, but Elijah managed to give them the edge as Aaron fired that bullet into Toby forcing him off the roof and onto the ground where a ton of walkers viciously ripped him apart. A satisfying death for a wicked character people, just as Mercer dispatched more members of the Commonwealth who risked so many lives for a pile of money.

Wow, I did not expect that, but I don’t think Mercer is aware that Toby is dead people. Carol alerted Lance that members of Sebastian’s camp did not make it back alive. Maggie was not pleased to see that interaction between her son and Negan, just as the notion of what to do next came into question! We finally got to see who was responsible for attacking the Commonwealth convoy people: it was Leah! Very interesting development people because Negan is married and has a baby on the way, so the stakes are higher now more than ever for his survival, but it makes me question if he will make it out alive. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!