HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of “The Walking Dead” before the mid-season finale, and who ever expected things to kick-off with Rick standing in only his boxers, with Jadis taking pictures alluding to something sinister in play? Well, I didn’t expect it, but this week’s episode, ‘Time For After’ was shrouded in secrecy, and surely was the perfect build up to what is going to be an explosive mid-season finale!

Back at the Sanctuary, Eugene confronted Dwight about being the traitor inside the base. Well isn’t this an interesting development: the coward tots his authority like someone should be afraid? Oh, I loved seeing Dwight grip Eugene by his shirt and explaining to him an uprising is about to transpire and he needs to ensure he is on the right side of the battle. Ugh, I feel Dwight’s time will soon be up, and it’s kind of bittersweet. This was a character I hated for betraying Daryl and killing Denise, but as a viewer, one has grown to like him because of his choice to fight with our protagonists.

Eugene was called to assist with Father Gabriel’s condition, which is worsening by the minute. I swear if Father Gabriel dies before Eugene does I will be livid. At least Father Gabriel has grown to show that he can do the right thing, whereas Eugene just continues to play follow the leader. This indeed was an episode aimed at forcing Eugene to take a hard look in the mirror about his past behavior and how it has impacted those surrounding him. From a distance, Daryl, Tara, Rosita and Michonne discussed their plan to infiltrate the Sanctuary to allow war, and were surprised with Morgan throwing his hat into the ring.

I have to agree with Michonne and Rosita; making a move without seriously considering the consequences could cause a major blowback. Rosita being the voice of reason is beyond crazy, but I’m glad she decided to make the move to retreat, cause I’m certain audiences will be spilling tears come next week’s mid-season finale. Negan had a talk with Eugene about the plight of the Sanctuary and the Saviors. I swear I never know when Eugene will burst into tears after a conversation with Negan; he is always so tense.

With a speaker and iPod, Eugene was able to devise a plan that would distract the walkers away from the compound, but little did he know his pals was about to make a big move that could forever change the fate of the Alexandrians, the Kingdom, the Saviors and the Hilltop. Michonne started to speak a bit of sense, and backed out of the plan, but Daryl refused to retreat. Man that guy is stubborn, and with only Daryl, Tara and Morgan on board, things don’t look good if you ask me America, not at all! I suspected Eugene’s plan was about to falter and I was right, as he found himself being held at gunpoint by Dwight. Eugene argued his case, but Dwight argued his as well: take out Negan and only Negan! Why in the hell can’t Eugene see what Dwight is attempting to do; he’s trying to change the dynamic of Negan’s power trip.

I was certain Dwight was about to shoot Eugene, but he allowed him to fly that airplane, but later used gunfire to take it down. Utter madness erupted as Tara, Morgan and Daryl made their move. Per usual, Eugene cowered to the ground, but not before that garbage truck blew a hole into the building, allowing the walkers to infiltrate.

For once we are actually seeing some major action in an episode, just as Eugene was crippled with fear to see the walkers take over the base. Eugene snapped and refused to assist Father Gabriel and acknowledged that he is a coward and will do whatever he needs to ensure his own survival, even if it means tossing others into the water. Wow, I expected it, but I didn’t, Eugene was about to spill the tea to Negan that Dwight is the traitor inside the Sanctuary, but he kept mum! Oh this character drives me crazy! Will he or won’t he? That is the question that as a viewer leaves me unnerved every time he appears on the screen.

Now, this is where I was hoping the episode would return, back to where it began with Rick being held captive by the junksters. Rick was removed from that trash bin, just as Jadis decided to kill Rick, but he gained the upper hand and utilized that walker to take out

several of Jadis’ people before she came inches from becoming walker meat as that severed head clawed at her face. Gotta say that was a fun scene people; it was the first time Jadis was actually scared for her life!

If all it takes to get Jadis to join forces is to deliver a near death experience, Rick should have done that a long time ago. The episode culminated with Rick, Jadis and the rest of the crew infiltrating the Sanctuary, but Rick was in for a surprise; the snipers were not in play and the walkers were gone! Um, I’m scared people because it looks like viewers might be in for an epic demise next week based on that teaser. Until next week “Walking Dead” die-hards, it’s going to be a big one.