HOLLYWOOD—We all knew it was going to happen, the moment we’ve been waiting weeks for finally unfolded on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” During Sharon’s bachelorette party, a drunken Summer spilled the tea to an unsuspecting Mariah and Tessa that Nick slept with Phyllis. At first Mariah thought it was a joke, but she knew it was true when Kyle confirmed the news.

So Mariah is put into a position once again, where she is forced to reveal a secret that could rip apart a ton of lives. I mean she was looking for guidance when she spoke to Tessa, Nick and Faith before dropping the bomb on Sharon that Nick slept with Phyllis. Sharon was thrown for a loop by the revelation and it was some stellar acting from both Camryn Grimes and Sharon Case. However, I find it funny that it is Phyllis who has been the catalyst of stopping two weddings between Nick and Sharon. The first being a few years back, when Phyllis miraculously awoke form her coma before spilling the tea about Sharon’s role in messing with Summer’s paternity.

This time Phyllis is causing a roar because she slept with Nick, note this is the second time this has occurred, so that whole notion of Phyllis and Sharon being lifelong friends over the JT fiasco, toss that out the window. This is vital because I can see this bombshell leading to Sharon to reveal what the foursome did to JT to get a bit of vengeance against her nemesis. Summer should be happy because not only did she destroy her mother’s life, but her father’s in the process.

Phyllis hasn’t had a good week, in addition to her tryst with Nick coming to light, Billy’s gambling addiction reached a feverish pitch as he revealed that he stole funds from Jabot, before being ousted from the CEO position from the company. This made Kyle and Ashely giddy because they thought they’d have a shot at the throne, but oh were they in for a surprise, when Traci was voted as the new CEO and she made it crystal clear that she is no one’s puppet. Go Traci, time for Ashley and Kyle to get a taste of their own medicine, and Billy’s perception of his sister is spot on. Ashley is more cunning and dirty than I thought. When Billy railed about his sister to Jack, it seemed to open his eyes to realize that Ashley is more concerned about self-preservation than anything else. This has me quite eager to find out how Ashley Abbott departs the “Y&R” in coming weeks, because Eileen Davidson is indeed leaving the soap.

Traci has a fierce side, and the audience is about to get the opportunity to see it. I mean you can see the glee on Kyle and Ashley’s faces as they disclosed that Billy used company funds to support his gambling habit. Even Jack was appalled by the news; but he didn’t throw it in his brother’s face.

Billy has hit rock bottom, but when he learned about Phyllis’ affair with Nick that really threw him for a loop because he just proposed! Yes, Billy decided to declare his love to Phyllis during Nick and Sharon’s nuptials. Oh, this is delicious TV to say the least soap fans; this is a crazy twist to say the least, one that I never saw coming from a million miles away. Billy and Nick already got into one fist fight, but this revelation will change a ton of things to say the least.

We have to talk about Rey who has been sleuthing around Genoa City looking to gather Intel on the perpetrators involved in the disappearance of J.T. Hellstrom. He has already moved in the apartment above Crimson lights, and the writers are definitely showcasing the chemistry between Rey and Sharon. I can sense Rey being the new love interest for Sharon in the midst of her attempting to fix her broken heart. I mean as far as we know Steve Burton is NOT leaving “General Hospital” anytime soon, so that means Dylan is not expected back in GC unless a recast is on the horizon.