HOLLYWOOD—I kept telling myself maybe, just maybe February Sweeps would have been bigger towards the final days of the month, but it seems like “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “Days of Our Lives” were waiting until the month of March to really kick of the drama. After what seemed like a secret that was being held from Hope Brady for far too long, the truth about Rafe’s hookup with Sami Brady finally saw the light of day. So who dropped the bomb? None other than Hope’s granddaughter Claire! Yes, Tripp and Ciara tried to prevent the truth, but Claire spilled all the tea and Hope was furious, slapping her hubby (yeah, the too secretly tied the knot) for his deception.

It was utter chaos because, Ciara was out for blood and delivered a punch to her niece’s face to prove that she was none too pleased. I pegged this weeks and I mean weeks ago, it was just a matter of time before Ciara and Tripp’s bond deepened. I mean he had eyes for Claire, but that quickly shifted and with that kiss they shared, the writing is on the wall. Sorry for the digression, because Hope was just appalled by Rafe’s discretion, so much to the point she slapped him and made it clear their relationship is over, kaput, dunzo. This only led to further chaos because Julie (Dear God, I hate this woman), decided to rail on Gabi over what transpired. I mean Julie take a damn seat, and stop with this holier than thou crap you keep spewing.

Get the hell over it, Nick is dead, and he was no saint, the guy attempted to rape Gabi and he was blackmailing her. In case you forgot, Sami and Kate were also in on the plan to dump Nick’s body into the creek and cover up his attempted murder the first time. He got what he deserved plain and simple. Blaming Gabi for Rafe cheating on Hope has nothing to do with her. I mean the lady has enough on her plate being accused of murdering Andre, when the audience is well aware it was Abigail, or as the soap world has coined her Gabigail. Yeah, it’s not the funniest thing, but at the same time, how this charade hasn’t exploded has me scratching my skull.

I mean Stefan was first to pick up on things, but soon after Vivian noticed the discrepancy, and now Chad is starting to see his wife in a new light. Her recollection of events are coming and going and not in the best way, because Jennifer has noticed her daughter’s odd behavior, which might prompt the return of Jenn’s mom to speculate, what’s up with Abby and her mental disorder. I mean it’s hard to watch Eli console Gabi knowing the culprit of Andre’s murder is sitting right in front of them. And the closer that Gabi gets to the truth, she just can’t seem to catch a break. Stefan is really looking to be Abigail’s knight in shining armor planting that coat that was used by the murderer in Gabi’s possession, as well as the lid from the urn. I mean when Lani discovered that her pal was discarding evidence she decided to haul her in.

However, that made for an interesting development as Eli spilled the beans to Gabi about his one-night stand with Lani. Of course, Gabi was peeved and to make matters worse she started to question if the bundle of joy belongs to Eli and not JJ Of course, Eli and Lani lied, but with JJ getting closer to the truth, it’s just a matter of time before Julie or Valerie spills the truth. I mean Gabi can utilize the information she has to blackmail Lani about not only sleeping with Eli, but lying that the baby belongs to JJ, when in fact it is Eli’s. Oh, Lani you’re about to take a massive tumble and you don’t even see it coming.

I will admit Chad is getting super close to the truth about Abigail, but his blinders need to be raised. Gabi informed him she’s being framed by Stefan, Abby is confused left and right, these are all signs Chad should be able to pick up single-handedly. I totally forgot we have to chat about the epic fail by Brady to woo Eve to marry him. As they exchanged vows at the Kiriakis mansion, Eve dropped a bomb on her secret lover that she wouldn’t marry him if he was the last person on Earth.

Yeah, she was onto his ruse and it only led to further fallout as he found himself fired from Titan and Eve determined to make him and Victor pay for their deception. This entire explosion was at the hands of Victor, who confessed the whole truth to his enemy about Brady’s ulterior motive. Hmm, for Victor to do such a thing to his own grandson proves the guy loves Maggie, but at the same time, he may have fractured a relationship with a blood relative that won’t be reparable in the future.

Hmm, I wonder how Theresa will feel when she learns what her sister has been up to. “Days of Our Lives” fans Theresa is expected back in Salem in the coming months. You know what would make this Eve and Brady dynamic even more interesting? If Kristen DiMera (who we all know to be very alive) returned to the canvas to make not just Eve feel the heat, but Theresa as well! Oh, that is how you take an interesting storyline and take it up a few notches America!