HOLLYWOOD—Last week was indeed a glorious week of soap opera drama on “The Bold and the Beautiful” that absolutely wins the award for November Sweeps. Why? The bomb about Thomas Forrester framing Brooke Logan for making that call to Child Protective Services was exposed in grand fashion. For starters, the writers did an excellent job delivering this slow burn of a big reveal. As a viewer, I first thought, the big reveal would not transpire until way after Ridge and Taylor became husband and wife, but in the soap world, when has a wedding ever gone without a hiccup or surprise.

Everything that Steffy, Taylor and Thomas had been wishing for was within reach. However, there was a slight problem: Douglas. Per usual, this little kid stumbled upon the truth and was tasked with dropping the bomb when least expected. Steffy knew something was off with her nephew who was NOT as happy about his grandfather, Ridge, marrying Taylor. Well, he knew his dad set up his other grandmother and was forcing him to stay quiet about the truth yet again.

However, Steffy was able to pry the truth out of Douglas and when she learned what her brother did she flipped her top. She was livid, Thomas was confronted, Taylor learned the truth and still planned to walk down the aisle to marry the love of her life, but Steffy couldn’t allow it and the truth came out. Ridge was floored, baffled and bewildered. Thomas, surprisingly, doubled-down on his antics. If it wasn’t clear that Thomas was unhinged and disturbed, this absolutely solidified things for me.

Ridge raged and let it be known to his son that there would be consequences. So much to the point that he might be fired from Forrester Creations, which whew, didn’t expect that one people, but the rage in Ridge’s eyes seemed to convey he was not messing around this time around. The Forrester family is in complete disarray right now and the finger should be pointed directly at Thomas Forrester as the catalyst of this melee. This resulted in Ridge being forced to storm out of the wedding and have a mea culpa with Brooke in perhaps one of the best acted scenes I have seen from Katherine Kelly Lang in some time. Brooke made it clear to Ridge her self-respect means more than his apology and good for her finally standing up for herself after the constant yo-yo games of Ridge, Brooke and Taylor.

Hell, there was even a moment where Brooke and Taylor after a fierce face-off came to an agreement that Ridge must make a decision people. Who will he decide? I guess time will tell, but it appears obvious it will be Brooke in the long run and how this impacts Taylor is another discussion people. I really cannot see her staying in Los Angeles after all that has transpired without having a gut punch that hurts at the core people. She failed her son and has to grapple with that truth against all odds.

Brooke and Steffy having a come to Jesus moment, I was left speechless; Brooke thanked her daughter-in-law for telling the truth. Hope was also compassionate considering the situation, but Thomas, he strolled in as if he hadn’t committed some wicked deed people and was more proud of the move. The war between Thomas and Brooke has reignited once again, and I’m worried. Thomas with his back against the wall is quite dangerous. How so? If he has no one to align with, there is no telling how much he will spiral.

Hell, he might even align with Sheila Carter of all people to seek revenge on Brooke, Steffy and all the others who have wronged him, and that could be quite the interesting narrative to say the least. Let Thomas go full-blown villain because in all honesty he is a fun villain when it comes to the soap arena, teetering on absolute mayhem, yet showing slight glimmers of hope. His realization that Hope knows what he did and how Douglas was manipulated in the process forced her to call Thomas out on his antics involving Beth that was a dagger to the heart for him. Hope might seek full custody of Douglas to protect him from Thomas. Liam also found out about that attempted kiss which fueled him with rage.

I am thrilled that the writers are actually giving Finn something to do like a storyline. I mean months ago the viewers were certain that Finn was dead and I mean dead, but the powers that be found a way to bring him back. Finn was clued in on a theory that his mother may have somehow survived that ‘bear attack’ where she was deemed dead. Sheila, your son is a doctor, if you’re going to fake your death you have to be much better people. Finn proposed his theory to Steffy, who thought her hubby was spiraling, but as he explained more and more it became clear that an unsuspected truth was about to be unearthed and the danger could be more intense than ever before. Steffy and Finn realized that Sheila is still alive and Steffy went into panic mode.

When Deacon was confronted by Finn and Steffy on their theory, he panicked, he knows his role in helping Sheila stay hidden could come to light and if so he’s headed right back to the slammer people and his ties with Hope, Liam, Brooke and anyone else are over. He was cornered this week by Steffy and Finn and the panic on his face said it all, as Sheila bolted at the right time after he threatened to turn her in. People are now aware that Sheila is still out their lurking and the danger is more potent now than ever before.

Let’s talk about Liam a bit more because he is back in play, after being off the canvas a while. His war with Thomas could be igniting as well, but he has bigger issues, his father Bill crossing back to the dark side. Yeah, Bill Spencer has always been a character not afraid to cross the line people, and with Deacon poking at the bear and Carter pushing after Katie, the old Bill is ready to rise again and I want to see it people. There is nothing like a villainous Dollar Bill without a conscience and willing to do whatever to whomever to get his way. Fun times ahead on “B&B” America!