Whistle-Blower Lawsuit Filed Against SF


SAN FRANCISCO—Joe Deleonardo, a former city worker in the Department of Technology has officially filed a whistle-blower lawsuit against the city of San Francisco.

Deleonardo claims that he suffered discrimination from superiors within the Department of Technology after he made complaints regarding the habitual hiring of vendors he deemed incompetent.

The whistle-blower suit was filed after alleged systemic abuse of Deleonardo.

He who worked as a principal engineer,  and noted that he suffered extensive harassment, and even had a homophobic slur aimed at him on one occasion.

Deleonardo claims he was demoted after questioning the actions of his supervisor, Michael Valencia, who opted to contract an outside vendor called En Pointe Technologies, a vendor that Deleonardo says received $2 million in city funding for poorly executed work.

Following the complaint, Deleonardo states that he was abused and ignored by his superiors, culminating in a conflict with Valencia in which he threatened Deleonardo and used the aforementioned homophobic slur.