HOLLYWOOD─Last week’s premiere episode of “Survivor: Winners At War” was fantastic. Fans of the reality-competition series got 2 hours of players actually playing the game, strategy on top of strategy and utter mayhem at the first and second Tribal Council. With that said, our third episode, ‘It’s Like a Survivor Economy’ saw rivalries ignite between Boston Rob and Sandra. I guess those 36 days they spent on the ‘Island of Idols’ did not bring the two closer, but further apart.

Things kicked off with Amber and Natalie on the ‘Edge of Extinction’ where Amber made it clear she planned to fight to get back into the game. On Sele, Rob received a fire token and he connected the dots that his wife has been voted out of the game. However, I’m confused why Rob would tell Parvati he earned a fire token. Really? You think Sandra would send you a token after being voted out?

Ben focused on building his social bonds this time around, and his first goal was to work on Denise, but he wanted to show her HOW to find an idol. What the hell Ben? Denise found her first idol. However, this idol was broken into two; the idol has to be connected with the other half to be useful. Adam learned about it, but was not happy Ben knew about it. Yeah, I don’t see these three going very far. Denise? Why would you want to give half the idol to Parvati? Thank God, Adam for being her bouncing board. Five minutes in and the chaos has already erupted.

Back on Dakal, Kim was coming to grips that she has to bond with others to fight to the top. She started searching for an idol, and she found a similar idol to what Denise found. What the hell this seems like an idol heavy episode. Tony and Nick spotted an obvious Kim, who decided to bond with Sophie to build a relationship by revealing her idol. Sophie already made it clear she sees Kim as a threat, and she might be in major trouble. Ok, I’m liking Sophie who sees the strengths and weaknesses in the players.

Natalie and Amber discovered another clue that could lead to earning a fire token. Amber was stuck, while Natalie played dumb in an effort to throw off Amber. Damn, Natalie is good, as she found an advantage that she could allow a player to leave Tribal Council right before votes are cast; in essence she was giving a player immunity. She offered the advantage to Jeremy, and he was wavering on it. Jeremy it’s not rocket science, take the advantage buddy.

Jeez, the Edge of Extinction is TOTALLY changing the game of “Survivor” as we know it. Tony was doing a great job bonding with the group, where Sarah and Tony tried to do their best to not be seen as a pair, and reunited ‘Cops R’ Us.’ Time for the Immunity Challenge which involved physicality and mental strength. Dakal had a hefty lead over Sele, where Sandra and Sophie started working on their puzzle. However, Denise and Rob made up a lot of time for Sele to make this battle more of a fight. Rob and Denise wanted to separate pieces, while Sandra and Sophie continued to extend their lead. Looks like Sele is literally falling apart in front of our eyes.

So Sele is going right back to Tribal Council people, so the question is who will be the target. Old School vs. New School round two people and Parvati was already angling a way to ensure her numbers stayed strong. Rob was called out on this bad performance in the challenge, and targets were either Ben or Jeremy.

Danni was aware of the trio of Parvati, Rob and Ethan, and paranoia started to sink in. Danni spilled the tea right in front of Ben, um, not good Danni, and Ben immediately picked up on it. Ben wanted to target Danni, who had a conversation with Rob about Parvati being a target. Adam was in on these conversations, but his fear of going against Rob to take out Parv scared him. Come on Adam, play the game. Jeremy and Michelle wanted to play the game and not sit and watch others and strike at Parv, however, if Jeremy leaves Tribal that is a vote missing. Him leaving would rattle everyone, and we could be looking at a 4-4 split (Ben, Michele, Adam and Denise) against (Parv, Rob, Ethan and Danni).

This Tribal Council was very interesting America, and the idea of Old School and New School came back into play. Danni started talking and Rob and Parvati made it clear they were not amused, and tea was spilled about the Old School alliance, which Ben called out to the tribe. Ben called out the trio, and he took some heat at Tribal Council and it placed a target on Ben’s back, which had everyone talking and it looked like it’s time for Ben to be taken out.

Ben talking forced Rob to get everyone to empty their bags to look for idols, but Denise and Adam did a great job of concealing their idol. No way in hell would I have adhered to Rob’s command. Adam was annoyed, and so was Denise. Ben seriously why did you open your mouth, you simply placed the target right on your back?

Wow, I did not expect Danni to be voted out, I seriously thought Ben was a goner people. That did indeed stun me, as Danni gave her fire token to Denise of all people! This is seriously the best “Survivor” start of the season I’ve seen in since I can remember. So next week it looks like a Tyson and Sandra war is brewing and Adam is ready to make a big move, but will he? Until next week “Survivor” fanatics!