SAN FRANCISCO—On Friday, July 24, the Bay Area bookstore Wolfman Books announced they are closing their storefront permanently via the business’s website. They will be holding a “Say Bye Event” on Thursday, July 30, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Wolfman Books is a six-year-old bookstore located in downtown, Oakland. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the storefront has been closed since mid-March, but they continue to sell books online.

According to the announcement, Justin Carder, the owner, decided on closure due to the “uncertainty” and an insecure lease.

“In light of all this uncertainty (and a truly insecure lease) I’ve decided to close our storefront. Wolfman has always been a place to gather in close (such close) proximity to others. It has always been about an open door, and a creaky floor, random encounters, and a free, open public restroom for whoever wants to use it. Ha. Without the possibility of doing events in the space, or of having people really browse safely (or for staff to be in the space) it just doesn’t make sense to try and open up again at this time,” reads a statement by Carder.

Carder gave thanks to all the supporters, editors customers, and people who have worked at the bookstore.

The “Say Bye Event” will be held in front of 410 13th Street. There will be some books and other things for sale. Wolf Books reminds people who plan on hanging out at the event to wear a mask and maintain the social distancing.

For more details on the closure and the activity, visit the Wolfman Books website.