UNITED STATES—The conversations are still taking place about the current state of the workforce in the United States of America. People are complaining here and there that there are so many job openings and the question continues to linger why some businesses are having major trouble finding employees to fill in positions that are currently vacant.

That is a loaded question, but I think it is a complete result of Americans having choices. Pre-pandemic choices were limited when it came to work; the wages earned were at an all-time low as well. Post-pandemic (it really is NOT over America), wages are way higher than they have ever been and people are just picky about what they plan to do. I mean think about it: you have the choice to work a job that you absolutely enjoy and brings you the highest level of joy and then you have a job that you absolutely hate and stresses you out more than you can imagine. What would you choose?

Exactly it is NOT a heard choice to make people and that is what some businesses and corporations have failed to understand. People are no longer interested in working at a fast-food restaurant slaving in the kitchen or the register and dealing with rude, disrespectful customers who look down on them. That sentiment can be echoed for the retail industry, where so many workers do not receive the respect and the praise for the hard work they do.

Hell, I used to work in retail quite some time ago and barely earned enough to place food on the table after paying all the bills. There is this odd psychology that the minimum wage is an affordable amount for people to live. Seriously? You honestly think $7 an hour is enough for people to pay all their bills and have a bit left and enjoy life. Give me a got damn break, and if I hear one more idiot in Congress say it is, then you go live on $7 an hour and tell me if you can pay all your bills and continue to do the things you want to do without struggling. I can already give you the answer: it’s impossible.

Some people have failed to realize that work is not supposed to be your life. Your life is NOT to revolve around work. You work to live, but it should not dedicate what and how you live your life. You should have that freedom to choose they type of work you do and not be forced into a dead end job because the options are limited and you’re more focused on the paycheck then actually doing what matters to you or brings you joy and purpose.

For the employer who is frustrated by the limited inventory when it comes to workers, then offer better perks. You cannot expect people just to hear $15/hour and jump on it. That just doesn’t always draw people in. How can you alter that way of thinking? Hmm, let me see: paid sick days, paid vacations, health insurance, bonuses, company advancement, work from home options, the list of opportunities are endless in the employment arena.

People are not only going to be satisfied with crumbs in the workplace, as they had to settle for such in the past. The economy is changing. Gas is at an all-time high, inflation is placing a dent in people’s budgets and the cost of goods and services have risen to a place where all the money you’re making is leaving your pocket and bank account quicker than you can count to three. Work has to be fun and enjoyable if it’s not it becomes a chore to just get out of bed and to go to work people. I literally listened to a woman chat on the phone about her job that she hated, I mean HATED.

However, she was not willing to quit until she could find something else. However, just hearing her talk I could understand the frustration. It keens to a statement I heard Oprah say once on her talk show, where she echoed something about each day you work a job you hate or dislike, a piece of you dies inside. I think that is where a lot of Americans are currently. They don’t WANT TO WORK jobs that don’t make them happy or bring them joy and to be honest, is that a bad thing?

Written By Jason Jones