HOLLYWOOD—To say that I’m not surprised would be an understatement when it comes to the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” It seems like once a year we see this damn storyline and it is just getting to a point where I’m like c’mon already can you please come up with something unique. Nope. The war between the Newman family is back on as Victoria has come to her senses after being duped by her husband Ashland Locke and Victor and Nikki welcome her back with open arms.

Yeah, that business venture known as Destiny Media was a complete sham, one that Victoria crafted up as a way to make her hubby pay for lying about his cancer and duping her and her family out of $500 million. I will admit seeing Ashland get duped was absolutely thrilling to watch, but my next question became what next people? Ashland placed the remaining $250 million he had in his bank account to that fake business account that Victoria immediately transferred to her personal account.

Yup that money is gone Ashland and he was not pleased. Nick was under the guise that he knew something was up, but not fully sure of the details. Victoria called for the Newman jet which automatically raised a flag for Adam that knew something was going on. Victoria explained all to her family, who were ecstatic to have her back, that is everyone except Adam. I noted weeks ago that Adam would NOT be pleased to be hoodwinked by Victor’s latest stunt to have him take over as CEO of Newman Enterprises, to only oust him to have Victoria back in charge with Nick as the COO.

That is correct people: Adam got tossed to the side and is now in charge of Newman Media, the parent company, not the main company. He was livid, called his father out on his antics and made it crystal clear he is done with the family business and his family. One thing that is always dangerous about Adam is when you screw him over, he likes to get revenge people and he takes revenge to new heights. Why do I say that? Well he is aligning with the one person who I think his family least expect him to align with: Ashland Locke.

One evil mastermind is bad, but two evil masterminds, that is worst America, and I fear Adam is about to really sock it to his father, his sister and his brother for their duplicity. We might be looking at the end of Newman Enterprises as we see it, but the question remains will there be any casualties as a result? Time will tell as Sally is currently in limbo with what will happen with her position; she won’t be in charge anymore that’s for sure.

There is another big rivalry heating up between Phyllis and her nemesis Diane Jenkins. Phyllis is livid that she fell into Diane’s trap making her look unstable which caused a massive fracture in her burgeoning relationship with Jack Abbott. Jack has iced Phyllis and is starting to put Diane on a pedestal. That is something that has irked Phyllis, as well as Summer people. Kyle seems to think his mother is a martyr and Jack is starting to think the same, as Diane has hold her feet in the door of Marcheti that is now under Jabot. Yeah, Diane is doing everything right, except underestimate what Phyllis next move will be people.

With that said, Allie and Noah are getting much closer which is cute to see, just as Tessa and Mariah battle a health crisis that is impacting Tessa’s ability to sing. Billy and Lily? Who? Yeah because it seems that come and go and have no actual story which is beyond disappointing people. All I can say is that it is time for the writers to give Billy and Lily some type of story, the same with Chloe, Abby and Chance. So many people have no storylines and it’s a disappointment people.

Billy is utilizing his podcast to attack Ashland with Victoria’s blessing, which I don’t think is smart idea, similar to his antics to get under his foe Adam’s skin. You don’t want to push someone when they are cornered because they will strike back and when they do it is going to hurt people. Nate is playing with fire when it comes to Imani, who refuses to respect his relationship with Elena who is currently in Hawaii on a convention. Talk about dirty with those dinner plans people. I just wonder what Elena will do when she learns the truth. Devon has been a strong shoulder for Amanda while her mother Naya battles some serious health struggles and Devon is helping his new love during a difficult time, but where is the story?