HOLLYWOOD—Well, after weeks of patiently waiting, the truth about Liam’s disappearance on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” has been revealed. Quinn thought her secret of keeping Liam away from Steffy would last forever, but oh, how the wicked one is about to get a taste of her own medicine.

For those who are fans of Steffy and Wyatt, you should be happy to know they have gotten hitched. Yep, Steffy and Wyatt are husband and wife. The wedding was small and intimate with just a few guests in attendance that included Ridge, Caroline, Thomas, Eric, Quinn, Bill and Katie. Per usual, Bill questioned the relationship, even though he seemed genuinely happy for his son who has always played second fiddle to Liam.

Speaking of Liam, memories of his past are coming in and out. Quinn’s idea of using Deacon to create a photo album was not the brightest idea. He has pinpointed that a woman from his past is a major part of his life, but if only he could recall her name. The discovery has not left Quinn happy, as her temper nabbed the attention of her lover. Liam is on the cusp of discovering the truth, but at long last, his whereabouts have been discovered.

Wyatt got concerned about his mother’s weird behavior about her mystery man, and decided to make a stop at his mother’s cabin. What he discovered was Liam in the flesh, and to say that he was stunned was an understatement. Liam seeing his brother left him flustered and fearful for his life. Even worse, was the reaction Wyatt had to his mother’s latest stunt; he wasn’t mad he was furious, and Quinn looked like she was about to unleash a havoc viewers had never seen before.

Wyatt’s appearance helped Liam’s memories come flooding back to him. This does not bode well for Wyatt, because how do you break the news to your brother that you stole his fiancée and got hitched with her while you were MIA?

Well, that is to be determined, but Quinn should watch out because as word spreads about her latest stunt, she could see herself right in the slammer. Bill has never been a fan of his ex, so Liam’s refusal to return his calls or acknowledge where he is ‘hiding’ led to the return of Justin who goes poking around to discover just where Liam is. My gut is secretly telling me that Bill wants Steffy and Wyatt to break-up. I mean look how many crazy things he did to prevent Liam from staying in contact with Hope.

To make matters worse, this will be another case of Quinn poking her nose where it doesn’t belong destroying another relationship involving her son. Yeah, expect the entangled love triangle involving Wyatt, Steffy, Liam, Ivy and probably Hope to get more complicated in the coming weeks.

Katie’s drinking problem is starting to spiral out of control. So much to the point that she is hiding alcohol bottles in cookie jars and pressuring her big sister, Brooke, to keep her secret from Bill. Audiences are well aware that Brooke had a big issue with drinking a few months back, so it’s apparent that alcoholism runs in the Logan family. I fear Katie’s recklessness is about to have a detrimental impact on her marriage, driving Bill right back into the arms of her sister Brooke.

Bill frustrated by his son’s sudden disappearance, has Justin go digging to locate Liam’s whereabouts. How no one in the world would think to look at Quinn as the culprit behind Liam’s disappearance leaves me baffled. With so much going on, I can seriously see Bill losing it, lashing out at Katie and Quinn, and turning to Brooke in his time of need. “The Bold and the Beautiful” is proving that just when you think things are fizzling, things explode in ways you least expect.