UNITED STATES—Oh America, we just love to spend money. That is a conclusion that I have come to realize. There are some of us who are savers, but a lot of us like to spend money. You know why? We are engrained to want things America. It is part of our DNA. You see stuff, you want stuff and that is never going to change, but does that mean you need to spend the money. The answer is simple: no.

However, resisting that temptation is no easy feat. Why? You have that impulse to buy even if you don’t need it because you see a sign that says ‘Sale.’ So why are we so driven to spend when we see a sale because we like the notion of saving money. When you can save money you will spend more money. I will give you a perfect example, the 2020 kickoff of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Most Americans were forced to stay home as businesses were closed people. You know what that meant? You could NOT spend or shop as freely as you have been doing in the past people.

What is the problem? When the stores started to open their doors back to the public, slowly, but surely it was utter chaos. Why? A lot of stores had a ton of inventory they had to get rid of which means the consumer was able to save a ton and I mean a ton of money people. I mean you were getting name brand clothing items and products at 80 to 90 percent off, in some cases 95 percent off. I mean Levi jeans for $4, you cannot pass that up.

However, you have to ask yourself the question, where am I going to put all these things that you have purchased, but you don’t have the space, so they are just sitting in your closet, in your bedroom, basement or garage collecting dust and just withering away. At the same time you have to think about the money that you wasted that you can spend to pay off bills or take vacations, save for your kids’ college or saving for the future. You have to think about those things, but so many of us never consider it until the money is long and gone.

This is not just too materialistic things, it involves disposable items also. Cleaning products, food are also in that boat. I think food is perhaps a big one. We are so wasteful when it comes to food, but we need to open our eyes to NOT spend money simply because something is on sale, even if its food. If you know you’re NOT going to eat it, it is NOT wise to spend money on it because it’s on sale America.

You need to focus on saving and keeping as much of your money as possible people. Be smart, don’t be dumb. A sale is always a way to lure you in, and once you’re in the store, in the establishment or on that website (which seems to be the trend nowadays) you start looking and before you know it, money just keeps being spent and spent until you no longer have it.

Is that wise? Nope. Is it smart? Nope, so you have to ask yourself why you’re doing it. If you’re bored, guess what find a new hobby because if spending your money on sale items gives you a high, remember that high will only last for so long then what?

Written By Zoe Mitchell