HOLLYWOOD─I am really stunned to see how awards season to some degree is being kicked off. I totally get that we are in a pandemic, but these virtual award shows are just plain awkward, weirdly put together and almost make me think there should be no show at all. Just hand out the awards to the nominees via a press release and call it a day. I’m referring specifically to the 2020 Daytime Emmy Awards. I will be honest, I forgot that the event was being televised on Friday, June 26, but low and behold when I saw a glimpse on TV I was surprised.

There was nothing wrong with the ladies of “The Talk” handing hosting the awards ceremony, and having celebrity guests announce the winners via Zoom or Skype from their homes or specific locations. That was fine and dandy; it was just the way it was produced it seemed slightly clunky or difficult to watch. It’s almost like saying we’re having an awards show, we’re going to try to implement jokes, we’re going to try to make it fun and we’re not going to have a real audience, just the viewers of home. That just doesn’t work people, no matter how hard you try.

With that being said “The Young and the Restless” was the big winner of the night taking home the prize for Outstanding Daytime Series, which I honestly thought would be a victory for “The Bold and the Beautiful.” In my personal opinion, the soap was firing on cylinders in all angles, acting, writing, and directing for the past year. However, I’m not mad that the soap won for that phenomenal episode paying tribute paying tribute to the late great, Kristoff St. John.

Look, I’m not going to discuss all the winners because I don’t think many of my readers care about that. They want to know which soap stars took home gold. So let’s kick off with Outstanding Lead Actress which went to Heather Tom for her work as Katie Logan on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Tom is a powerhouse people; she has won the prize 3 times since her time on “B&B.” I was REALLY hoping this would be the year that Katherine Kelly Lang took home the trophy because the lady has been terrific this year, and has been overlooked so many times in recent years I was happy to see her at least earn the well-deserved nomination. That was a tough category though, with Maura West also in contention so kudos to all the women nominated.

When it comes to Leading Actor it was Jason Thompson who won for his work as Billy Abbott on “The Young and the Restless” people and Thompson sure knows how to bring on the waterworks and to really deliver a performance so I was happy with his victory. For Supporting Actress, it was Tamara Braun who took Emmy gold for her riveting and I mean riveting work as Dr. Kim Nero on “General Hospital.” Braun is a sensational actress so I was ecstatic to see “GH” pick up the actress for the stint she had on the soap after delivering one of the greatest portrayals of Carly Corinthos the soap has ever seen.

The biggest cheer came seeing Bryton James win the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor for his work as Devon Winters on “The Young and the Restless.” The guy has been overlooked so many times, but with his recent work in the past year, I don’t see how he could lose the prize. Well deserved, and kudos to James. It was Olivia Rose Keegan who won Outstanding Younger Performer in a Drama Series for her role as Claire Brady on “Days of Our Lives.” Tough category there as well, so I’m not upset with Keegan’s victory.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” also picked up the Emmy for Outstanding Writing Team, while “General Hospital” won the Emmy for Outstanding Directing Team. Overall it was nice to see the performers of daytime (who work a lot harder than people think) to have their moment in the spotlight. I just wish it was an actual ceremony than a virtual event. However, with the times we’re facing it makes sense America. Hopefully, 2021 will be much different for the Daytime Emmy Awards.