HOLLYWOOD—Relationships are bound to explode on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” In the past few weeks, all hell broke loose during Chloe and Kevin’s attempt at marriage, when the truth about Adam Newman’s demise came to light.

Nick was onto Chloe, but it was Chelsea who got the confirmation after discovering her husband’s wedding ring in her BFF drawer. It led to a confrontation where Chelsea raged at her pal, and Chloe did her best to share her side of the story. After all the madness, Chelsea was ready to throw her pal under the bus, but in a moment of true conscience, Chelsea had a revelation. Finally, the writers inject a bit of truth into this character by acknowledging her pal’s illness, but her grief.

I mean she lost a daughter, how in the hell is that difficult for everyone else to fathom. You don’t just get over the death of a child people. Apologies on the transgression, but Nick discovered the secret audiences have known for over a year: Chloe was not working alone, Victor was her accomplice! Yup, Nick was livid especially after it came to light that his father just let Chloe get away for the murder of Adam. Yeah, seems Victor didn’t know that, but that’s a surprise considering Victor knows all.

Nick didn’t drop the big bomb of Victor’s involvement in Chloe’s transgressions because of the backlash it could spill on Newman Enterprises and his father. However, the family decided to unite once again to shun Victor. Ok, aren’t these the same people who did this a year ago to Victor? Did they not learn last time? Victor Newman is the last person you want to cross, because he always finds a way to get his vengeance people.

There is a problem with this dirty secret people; Chelsea has no idea that Victor helped Chloe take down her husband. However, this is where things get tricky because both Chelsea and Victor are keeping a whopper of a secret from Nick: he’s not the father of Christian! Yes, May sweeps are less than a week away, and my guy is telling me that this long-awaited secret is finally going to explode. Speaking of babies, it looks like the long-awaited truth about the paternity of Bella, Chloe’s other bundle of joy is finally seeing the light.

Chloe, while on the run decided to send letters both to Billy and Kevin indicating that each of them could have a play at being the father of Bella. Yeah, this is something audiences have known for quite some time. Why? Chloe stole Billy’s sperm before leaving town a few years ago, and she slept with Kevin before leaving town as well. Well, Bella’s father is KEVIN! Good choice by the writers considering all the madness that he has endured it delivers a somewhat heartfelt emotion in the viewer.

For Billy, it’s just another conquest on his list and I don’t see much where the storyline can go for him at this point. He was hoping for Bella to be his child, as a second opportunity to make up for potential mistakes he made with Delia. That moment of weakness in Billy was responsible for strengthening his bond to Phyllis.

There are a few relationships heating up as well. While it looks like Billy and Victoria are getting back to where they belong, Phyllis is back in the mix and that shakes things up. Then we have Ashley and Ravi who are finally heating things up after dancing around their chemistry for weeks. We can’t forget about Scott who is getting ever closer to Sharon, but it raises questions rather Lauren will approve of her son’s choices.

By the way, it looks evident things are officially over between Devon and Hilary; she has moved on with Jordan, while he has his sights set on Mariah. However, all love is not looking great. Cane cheated on Lily with Juliet while overseas and it appears Jordan’s intuition is coming into play. So will Jordan drop the big bomb on his friend? How will Lily react? I mean she did cheat on Cane and he forgave her?

So I’m hoping we don’t have a twist in the revelation that Kevin is NOT Bella’s father, I’m hoping the writers don’t go down that path. We’ve had plenty of paternity shockers on the show, so it’s nice to have a happy ending for once.