UNITED STATES—Human beings can be emotional creatures; we sometimes react without really thinking why or how we’re reacting to a particular situation. I’m not a believer that one should bottle in their emotions; doing so can cause major stress and wear and tear on one’s body. You have to find a way to release, unleash or exhibit those emotions otherwise you’ll reach your boiling point.

Yes, I’m certain most of you are fully aware of what I mean when I say reach your boiling point. That’s that point where you explode and everything that you feel just bursts out without any filter. Can it be cathartic? Yes, but at the same time you can rub people the wrong way as well. So if you sense you’re reaching that point of no return it might be a wise idea to come up with some exercises or outlets to unleash your emotions where it relieves you, but at the same time you don’t offend someone that was never your intention.

Working out might be the biggest outlet for most people, however, it’s not always easy to get things into action. I think a punching bag is the go to method for most who want to unleash a bit of anger, rage or frustration, however, perhaps a quick ride on the bike, a 30 minute cycle on the elliptical, lifting of a few weights, a quick run, a few jumping jacks will help the body balance what you’re feeling.

Perhaps doing something of enjoyment like reading a book, writing notes of things you want to accomplish, cleaning the house: my point is there are multiple outlets in place that you can utilize to faction a way to deal with your emotions. Some are very well at balancing their emotions and life, others not so much, they explode and don’t fully realize why or how it happened. I would argue that I sometimes fall into that realm where I tend to bottle up my emotions to a degree and then explode on people closest to me when that isn’t my actual intention.

I’m starting to realize when I’m having a bad day or just a bit more stressed than normal its best for me to be left alone. I hate to say this, but sometimes people just need space; they need that opportunity to have a moment to themselves and to be able to reflect on what has transpired and ways to grapple and deal with their emotions. Some people don’t get this; talking is indeed therapeutic, but not everyone feels the need to divulge their life story. Talking about a problem sometimes helps a situation, but at the same time it reiterates the dread of the situation if you continue to talk about it.

I would even argue going inside a room or a closet and just screaming or unleashing a good cry or too is a suitable method to de-stress yourself or unleash how you’re feeling without intently rubbing or impacting those surrounding you. People might question what you’re doing, but it’s better than you punching someone in the face, breaking a table or pissing of someone who is close to you when they’re not the person you’re angry with to begin with.

We all have boiling points, and it’s vital to know your boiling point; find ways to unleash your emotions to where its cathartic to you, and you’re not keeping things bottled up to a point where the explosion leads to ramifications that one never intended.