SAN FRANCISCO—A nanny was attacked while caring for two young children at Great Meadow Park in Fort Mason on Monday, November 15. Initial reports noted the incident as being a “hate crime,” but no confirmation has been made from authorities.

A man in all black allegedly approached the woman from behind, pulled her hair and neck, and said in Spanish, “no Latinos here” according to a ABC7 news report. A woman jogging in the park assisted the nanny being calling authorities. The attack was on the social media site—a website for neighborhoods. Golden Gate National Recreation Area spokesperson Nathan Sargent reported to the scene.

Officers from the San Francisco Police Department apprehended a man matching the description of the assailant’s clothing later in the day. The suspect was reported to have become confrontational with officers and was arrested and detained because of “suspicion of resistance,” according to a report from CBS SF Bay Area. The suspect is undergoing a psychiatric analysis at San Francisco General Hospital. The identity of the suspect has not yet been disclosed to the public.

SF Mayor Edward M. Lee stated, “It gives me great grief to hear that his happening just like any of the incidences that reflect a higher level of discrimination or bigotry.”

“In these times of change and uncertainty, let us come together as a City for a We Stand Together Unity Gathering, at City Hall at 10 AM this morning. We need all San Franciscans to come and work together, so can remain a beacon of hope for not only our diverse communities and the rest of the nation but also for the many generations to come,” said Mayor Lee on his Facebook page on November 14.

SF District Supervisor, Mark Farrell stated, “If it is indeed found to be a hate crime, I urge the full penalty for the individual who committed this disgusting act,” stated SF District Supervisor Mark Farrell.