SAN FRANCISCO—Two separate attacks in the Tenderloin District in San Francisco on February 12, left two people in critical condition. The incident was reported before 2 a.m., where a 24-year-old man sustained severe injuries after an assault on the 200 block of O’Farrell, indicated

According to reports, the suspect, a 23-year-old man, and the victim were in a verbal dispute before going their separate ways. The suspect allegedly got into his vehicle, found the victim on the 200 block of O’Farrell, left his vehicle and assaulted him before returning to his vehicle and fleeing eastbound on O’Farrell.

The victim was transferred to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Authorities have not yet identified a suspect in the case.

A 46-year-old man was also stabbed on February 12 in the Tenderloin District and remains in critical condition, authorities indicated. The stabbing transpired near Eighth and Market Streets, where the victim was discovered a block away from a bleeding wound.

No arrests have been made in either case.