SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Zoo & Gardens announced Friday, November 20 via Twitter that a 39-year-old gorilla by the name of Zura, has died.

“It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Zura, 39-year-old female Western lowland gorilla,” said the SF Zoo in a statement. “Zura was a favorite for generations of Bay Area families and animal care staff alike since her arrival in 1982.”

Zoo officials noted that Zura suffered from digestive issues. She was being treated, but the condition gradually worsened leading to her passing.

“Her beautiful, distinctive face and one-of-a-kind sassy personality will truly be missed,” the SF Zoo stated on Twitter.

Zura came to the SF Zoo in 1982 from the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium in Delaware County, Ohio.

She is the granddaughter of ‘Colo.’ Colo is widely known as the first gorilla to be born into captivity.

Since 1982, Zura has resided at the Jones Family Gorilla Preserve. The naturalistic exhibit features rocks for the gorillas to climb as well as trees and grass for the animal’s comfort.

There are currently four gorillas remaining at the SF Zoo. There is one male silverback and three female western lowland gorillas. Zura leaves behind no offspring. For more information on the gorilla exhibit visit