SAN FRANCISCO—A group of Redditt users have banded together to create a holiday game by hiding 3D printed toys throughout the city. The plan was set in motion on Monday, December 19.

According to SF Curbed, Reddit user, “illiterit,” started the game, promising to follow through with it if the post received 150 votes. The post has since received over 400 votes since Tuesday, December 20.

The group of Reddit users have decided to hide 3D printed toys in amusing places such as monkeys in trees and frogs in fountains. Once the 3D toys are discovered, finders are directed to a website URL or QR code that sends them to a specific website. Those that locate any toys are instructed to take a picture of themselves with the 3D print and relocate it somewhere else for another player to find.

Based on set regulations, there are some people who are authorized to keep the toys, as opposed to hiding them again for others. To learn more about the official rules, and for a behind the scenes look at how the toys are made, participants can visit a specialized Slack for the game.

Creators of this unnamed game are curious to see how far these toys can travel, as well as the diverse individuals who come across them. The game will continue throughout the New Year.