HOLLYWOOD—When it comes to fascinating characters in the soap arena, Adam Newman on “The Young and the Restless” is at the top of the list. He’s ruthless, calculating, menacing, sympathetic and wicked to the core. He has been causing all sorts of havoc in Genoa City left and right, making a ton of enemies in the process. For starters, he has his sights set on Newman Media. It was his and he wants it back and is willing to do anything to ensure that happens. Look, do I think his move to out Audra and Tucker for that sexual harassment lawsuit was wicked? Absolutely not.

If not for Adam spilling the tea, Tucker and Audra would have thought they were untouchable. He placed them in a corner and forced them to spill the truth. It is still leverage Adam can use as he pleases, but the thing to understand is that Adam made the first strike, so he should expect Audra and Tucker to strike back at some point. That move caused issues with Tucker and Audra, where Kyle tried to intervene. Here’s the thing, Audra and Kyle are having fun, they’re not in love and there is still that other issue of Kyle canoodling with Audra that has yet to come to light.

Once Nick, Victoria, Nikki and Victor learn about that you better believe they will see Ms. Audra Charles in a new light as she is interjecting herself in a marriage that has not fully dismantled. Vikki, who I normally can’t stand, has her pulse on the money regarding Nate and Audra. Neither of them are to be trusted and Victor has appointed his wife in charge of the company to oversee things. Yes, Victor is wielding his control and it’s about time because Victoria is too stupid to open her eyes to Nate and his actions. Hell, she even confessed to Billy her worries and he made it clear if she has that feeling it is there for a reason and she needs to trust it.

Nate is realizing his ‘flame,’ the woman who he is planning to backstab is starting to doubt him and may be making an impromptu move to prove his love to her. That will immediately raise red flags for Victor, Nikki and Nick if you ask me, and I think you know I’m hinting at marriage. Business is not the only aspect where Adam is causing problems, talk about relationships as well as him and Sally are getting closer yet again, which is not something that pleases Nick. Nick and Adam have always clashed, but it’s a direct result of the brothers dating or going after the same women.

I loved Sally and Adam when the pairing was teased and when they finally got together it was chemistry that screamed through the screen. Then she got paired with Nick and I didn’t love it, but I warmed up to it. So with that said, yes, I believe Adam and Sally will reunite at some point in the coming weeks, but the aftermath of that reunion is what will be of contention. Tucker and Ashley still feuding with Jack and Diane, I’m over it, that tale is as entertaining as watching paint dry. Diane saving Ashley’s life after she choked on a grape, should give Diane a bit of grace with her sister-in-law.

Mariah and Tessa are dealing with a health issue involving their daughter’s hearing, which might be a result of the DNA tied to Devon. It is a crisis the love birds are grappling with the best way they know how. Summer has FINALLY pulled the plug on her marriage asking Kyle for a divorce, she should have done that weeks ago, after finding out he slept with Audra. I do love that Elena of all people spots something going on with Audra and Nate, if only she can connect the dots all will be exposed as it should be.