UNITED STATES—I get this question more times than I would like to hear it. What are you doing for the holiday? My answer: working. Yes, Labor Day was this past week, but I’m not like most Americans, hell, I would argue I am part of a select few who actually work in an industry that works most holidays. The only holiday that I have off is Christmas Day because it is the one day that my company actually closes the doors.

However, there is this a notion by a vast majority of the public that everyone has holidays off and that just isn’t true. Those government holidays like Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr., President’s Day, Juneteenth, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, I work those days.

There is this false idea that because it’s a holiday, most people should have it off. Would I love to have the holidays off? Who wouldn’t, but just consider the fact of all hospitals, police departments, news and other vital services said, “You know what, it’s a holiday, let’s close!” I don’t think that would float for many. Some of us actually have to work the holiday, and while a pain, it sometimes works depending on the actual holiday.

Some holidays are a bit slower than others; some are way busier than others. Labor Day is one of those days that tend to be a bit slower. Why? You have so many people realizing that summer has come to an end, school is officially back in session for most students, and the busy chaos of the summer is slowing down, as the chaos of the fall season ushers itself in. Other holidays can be much busier depending on the time of year and the number of people who celebrate.

I don’t mind working the holiday because I receive holiday pay its money on top of money for many workers which is a plus for working the holiday. Hell, if I have to take time away from my family, I should at least be compensated for it to say the least. However, I am seeing a bit of rude behavior from the public. People just sometimes just don’t know how to show a bit of gratitude and have this expectation that they should be catered to in a way that makes them feel Godly.

It truly bothers me when others belittle people who they suspect are below them. It shows a level of arrogance and superiority that is not a good look. You might have the day off, but consider the person who is actually working to provide you with a service or supply you with goods that you are in need of. That doesn’t come without a bit of gratitude. You know the grocery stores don’t have to open their doors to accommodate you on the holiday. They could simply say you should have purchased the items that you needed the day before.

The same for those restaurants where you want to dine and wine. Perhaps they shutter their doors as a way to show appreciation to their staff and to warn the public that bad behavior will not be tolerated. I am specifically highlighting Labor Day because it is NOT just another day to fire up the grill. It’s a day to celebrate those who work, who don’t have to work, in addition to workers forming unions to fight for rights in the workplace. Look, we’re not even about to get into the labor unions debate because we need an entire column or two do discuss that issue.

We just have to show a bit more gratitude to the workers who serve and provide services and goods to us because rather you realize it or not, they don’t have to, but they do. Even if you get to have the day off to raise your feet and relax, remember not everyone is as lucky as you.

Written By Jason Jones