SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has implemented plans for a developer to acquire the Balboa Reservoir site and transform it into a mixed-income housing locality.

The Balboa Reservoir, a 17-acre property located in the vicinity of San Francisco’s City College, will be examined under San Francisco’s Public Lands for Housing program, which was designed to tackle the city’s affordability setbacks. The program involves the evaluation of underutilized sites as potential housing locales. Due to its status as one of San Francisco’s largest underdeveloped sites, the Balboa Reservoir has been prioritized for future redevelopment.

As stated in an official Request for Qualifications (RFQ) report released by the city of San Francisco on November 10, buildings on the site are expected to stand between 25 to 65 feet tall.

At least four acres are intended to be set aside for open space and new parks, and 50 percent of housing will be allocated towards low, moderate, and middle-income households. Eighteen percent of the site’s affordable housing will be allotted to low-income households, 15 percent of it will be intended for moderate-income households, and 17 percent will be for middle-income households.

Once a developer has been selected through the request for proposals (RFP) process, the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) will focus on community design meetings with the Planning Department and developer partner.

RFQ responses are expected back by January 18, 2017. To obtain additional information about the project, contact Phillip C. Wong from the Office of Economic and Workforce Development for the City and County of San Francisco at (415) 554-6512 or via email at