SAN FRANCISCO—Amazon is opening it’s first retail bookstore in the San Francisco Bay Area in Walnut Creek, a suburban town located outside of San Francisco.

The store will open a few months after another location was opened in California. “Amazonbooks” offers a wide variety of books, kindles and online experiences.

Amazon is considered a pioneer in online retailing and was expanded during the 90s. The internet company soon became known as the “Earth’s Biggest Selection” of products such as books, CDs, videos, DVDs, electronics, toys, tools, housewares, and clothes.

This will be the company’s ninth brick wall bookstore. Other Amazonbooks locations include Seattle, Portland and San Diego, with plans for new locations in Chicago, Boston, New Jersey and New York. The majority of Amazon’s bookstores prime locations are centered in community neighborhoods. A common denominator for all the locations is the independent book stores around the area.

“We are excited to be bringing Amazon Books to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek. We are currently hiring store managers and associates,” said an Amazon insider in a statement.

The spokesman would not comment on when the Bay Area store will open or how the retail store will be.