PORTLAND —On the night of Tuesday, Sept. 8, antifa members violently attacked freelance journalist and videographer, Tayler Hansen. The morning after at 9:29 a.m., Hansen reported via Twitter that he was beaten by four antifa members.

Hansen reports he was beaten the morning after.

Hansen then explained the occurrences that led to the attack. The freelance journalist, who has been reporting detailed accounts of the riots in Portland on Twitter, used a disguise to blend in with antifa. Hansen wore a BLM hat and dressed in all black to blend in with those in “black bloc” which is key to how antifa disguise, protect themselves and get away with crime.

Hansen’s identity was then revealed on Twitter by Steven M. Essig, 27, who was arrested on the night of Sunday, Sept. 6, and released with no bail. Shortly after his identity was revealed, Hansen reported that we was attacked and beaten by four antifa members dressed in black bloc.

Hansen reports being attacked after his identity was revealed by a criminal who was released with no bail two nights before.

This is not the first time antifa has violently attacked journalist for reporting facts that do not align with their narrative. On June 19, 2019, freelance journalist Andy Ngo was attacked, taunted and robbed by an antifa “activist”. The antifa mob reportedly left Ngo with a brain hemorrhage that landed him in the emergency room, according to an interview in The Rubin Report. The second half of the assault was caught on tape and uploaded by The Oregonian.