HOLLYWOOD—I know I am not the only person who loves this partnership between Ashland Locke and Victoria Newman on “The Young and the Restless.” The actors just have terrific chemistry together that works to perfection on the small screen. It is inescapable people and I love every moment of it. These two have gotten closer and closer lately, and the fact that Ashland has revealed a big secret to Victoria of all people tells me there is more going on than meets the eye. First, Ashland revealed he has cancer and that he only has 6 months to live. When I first heard that, I thought it’s probably true, it would explain his reasoning for trying to be amicable with his divorce and custody battle with Tara regarding Harrison.

Then it hit me, we’re talking about a ruthless business mogul, Ashland could absolutely be lying as he has an ulterior motive in the cards that he plans to unveil at a later date. Maybe, maybe not, the audience doesn’t know yet, but if the writers let the character of Ashland Locke go so soon, I will not be a happy camper. He has brought a level of villainy to Genoa City not seen in quite some time America.

He has to stick it to Kyle and Tara in some way for having that affair and then lying about a child being his that’s not his. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the paternity test was altered in some sort of fashion people, that doesn’t matter because it appears Tara and Kyle are indeed getting close and its unnerving Summer. I will just put it out there: Summer and Kyle don’t have great chemistry people. It’s like the writers are forcing this relationship down our throats and it just is not working. There I said it.

Summer is so wound up everyone can see it including Abby, Mariah, Phyllis, Kyle, Nick and the rest of Genoa City people. Hopefully if Sally plays her cards right after her meeting with Eric Forrester he can pull the strings to help usher Summer out of GC. I just find it so hard that people are quick to forgive people who commit heinous crimes (Thomas Forrester and Flo Fulton) I’m looking at you. However, Sally, who faked an illness and kidnapped a person, is held to the fire. Sally’s crimes were bad, but nothing compared to Thomas and Flo people.

It feels like the writers are painting Sally Spectra into a corner and I’m not sure how she will get out, but I’m hoping there is a pathway for her people. In other GC news, the Lily and Billy pairing has gotten stale. It was fun in the beginning, but that romance seems to be carved out in a strong spot now where I wonder where the drama will come in. If they play with this Victor and Adam going after Billy tale yet again, I’m so over that and it’s just recycled news.

We do have that interesting element of the Naya, Amanda, Imani and Sutton narrative involving Richard. It is absolutely apparent that Naya, Imani and Sutton are indeed hiding something about Richard’s death and its eating away at Amanda. Making matters worse is the news Amanda learned about that private detective who dropped a bomb revealing Richard died just as he was about to meet his daughter. So someone wanted to prevent him from reconnecting with his daughters that Naya kept hidden from him.

I love a tease like this, but I do want a bigger tidbit one that really draws me in more than what I’m already into. Amanda is getting closer to the truth, I just hope the big reveal is not something so obvious the audience already knows, Naya or Sutton were indeed responsible for Richard’s demise it will be one of those, “I saw that coming from a mile away people.”