HOLLYWOOD—I really thought the writers on “The Bold and the Beautiful” would drag this secret out a bit, but dare I say I am indeed impressed that it has not taken that long for another party to learn about Quinn and Carter’s secret, that person being none other than Paris Buckingham. I will admit Paris’ arrival to the soap has been fun. She has spunk and a feisty side that I love, especially that interaction she had with Shauna. It was hilarious seeing Shauna attempt to lay out the gauntlet, only to have Paris put her in her place real quick.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again. Shauna Fulton serves very little purpose on the soap, so does her daughter Flo Fulton. They have no storyline, they have NOTHING go on and it’s like the writers are clamoring to do any and everything they can to make them relevant. In my last column I pointed out the lack of use of players like Heather Tom. Hello people this woman has won countless Emmy awards; there is a story you can create for her one that I’m sure fans would be eager to witness.

Anyway, Shauna and Quinn were busted by Paris who overheard the truth, and now it has become a mission to ensure Paris doesn’t blab because worlds will be deciphered as a result. Complicating matters is the fact that Zoe just got re-engaged to Carter and is on cloud nine. Quinn reunited with Eric and has professed her dying love to him, but little do they know what has been transpiring behind the scenes courtesy of their so called lovers. Like Carter and Quinn why are you to still even talking? That is an immediate red flag for most people dummies.

I don’t think Shauna realizes the more she partakes in these shenanigans the worst it makes her look. Do you think Ridge will be happy to learn you kept that Quinn cheated on his father? You know Brooke is going to use this to tarnish Shauna’s name even more and she has every single right to do so people. Flo will ultimately get entangled in this secret and it will be added to the list of ‘mistakes’ she has yet to own up to.

I get the sense that the writers are purposely preventing a Flo and Hope interaction, and guess what I’m ok with it. I hope these two ladies never see common ground and if I’m Hope I would stay clear of this woman as much as possible, I mean she has bigger issues to worry about her husband and father-in-law both locked away in jail for murder. However, witnessing Quinn gravel for Paris not to spill the truth, and Carter pleading her to stay quiet as well was so much fun to witness people.

Yes, the world now knows what Liam and Bill did and it has angered Thomas to the core who wants blood. Question: has anyone forgotten that Thomas was responsible for the death of Justin’s niece, Emma. It seems that was just tossed right out the window people. Thomas should take a hard look in the mirror before acting as if he is holier than though; Ridge you too for keeping quiet. I would love in some way for this story to be unearthed. Thomas raged at Liam, just as Hope presented the fact that it was indeed an accident. It was, but Bill decided to play cover-up and rightfully so considering the role that Vinny played in that paternity switch.

Steffy was stunned by the news, just as she and Finn were celebrating news that they are having a baby boy. Justin is working overtime to try to get bail for Liam and Bill, but it does not look good. Fingers crossed we see the return of Katie soon with Bill behind bars. The big news being teased is that a major twist in the Vinny demise is slated to play out by the end of this month that will give viewers clues as to who ‘actually’ killed Vinny.

I did notice something intriguing this week, when Wyatt was discussing his father and brother being locked up for Vinny’s death. He kept saying how Vinny just happened to be in the road right when Liam and Bill were driving on that road. It’s almost like Wyatt was pointing to the fact that it was a setup and to make matters more interesting was the fact that Flo was so quiet the entire time. I teased what if Flo and Shauna were responsible for Vinny’s death because he learned she is NOT actually a Logan people? That would be a welcome twist, just saying.

Oh, the writers so better deliver on this because the teases have been endless and I want a reveal that is going to blow my socks off, not some reveal that is going to leave me say “What,” but not in an enthusiastic way people.