HOLLYWOOD—I promise, after this week I’m going to give my loyal readers a break from “The Bold and the Beautiful” because I sense the drama is about to come to a screeching halt. Why? It seems this love story between Liam, Steffy and Hope which audiences have endured for years is forever changed by the birth of a child. The birth of baby Kelly has arrived. Bill, who was busted, last week after Wyatt revealed his dad’s role in ruining any chance for Liam and Steffy, confronted his ‘love’ who rallied at him.

That argument led to Steffy slamming the door and taking a tumble. That tumble sent Steffy into early labor where, a baby girl was born. Liam was right by her side all along, as their daughter entered the world. Yeah, that bundle of joy changes everything because Liam is such a noble guy I can’t see him leaving Steffy. Steffy knows this and is victorious in this love affair for now.

There could be a twist though, what if Kelly isn’t Liam’s child and actually Bills. That is certainly a possibility and I would NOT toss that theory out the window. Why? The writers have to have something planned if they brought the character of Hope back to town. I mean this woman was absent for several years, so I don’t see them just tossing her to the side.

Liam yet again, shattered Hope’s heart, which did not leave her mother Brooke in a great spot. Brooke was livid by Wyatt’s role in ruining her daughter’s wedding, especially considering he had this information for quite some time and could have revealed the truth well before the wedding transpired. Of course, Quinn was not happy with Brooke going after her son, but Quinn might want to take a seat. Quinn you cheated on your husband with his son, who happened to be getting married to his one true love. We know Quinn is a character, but she hasn’t seen Brooke when her children’s wellbeing is threatened. That woman is like a pistol and Quinn should be worried to say the least.

Realizing that secrets are detrimental in relationships, Steffy confessed that Bill was the cause of her tumble, which left Liam raging even more at his father. This brings me to a bigger question? What happens to Bill Spencer now? The guy is not going away, and I expect something crazy to transpire. How crazy? What if Bill and Brooke conspired to break up Steffy and Liam? Wait a second and hear me out. We still have that issue of Taylor shooting Bill. I always thought Bill would use that information as his trump card to get Steffy to do what he wants. However, it dawned on me, what if Brooke were to learn about Taylor’s role in Bill’s shooting. I do NOT see Brooke keeping that information quiet, and I just had another hiccup (while writing this): what if Hope learned about that secret between the trio?

It is indeed a game changer, and I think this might be the route that the powers that be at “The Bold and the Beautiful” are heading. I mean we don’t have much drama transpiring now. The Katie and Wyatt relationship is a bore, and nothing has happened with Sheila who has been MIA for quite some time. So that only leaves the notion of who shot Bill as a focal point.

I mean the police can’t just toss this away as if it never happened, so expect this to be the catalyst of what transpires next between Steffy, Liam, Hope, Brooke, Ridge, Bill and Taylor. That secret is coming out rather Steffy or Taylor wants it to, and the drama that this bombshell will bring is going to be epic. Why? I can just imagine all the lies that will be told to cover up the big reveal, which means Brooke and Ridge’s happily-ever after could be DOA (Dead on Arrival)!