SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Department arrested a man on Friday, October 30 who was involved in a fencing operation that involved stealinbicycles off the side of the road and selling them for money. 

Police are now searching for the bicycles’ rightful owners.

“As of today the Mission Station Investigation Team is working on rejoining the stolen bicycles with their owners,” Tiffany Hang, an SFPD police officer, told KTVU Fox 2.

KTVU uploaded a photo on Twitter of the recovered bicycles. Police are urging those that have had their bicycle stolen within the last two months to look over the photo carefully and to contact the SFPD at 1 (415) 575-4444 if any of them look familiar

In August 2020, Israel Hernandez, 48, was identified as a potential suspect of this crime after multiple burglaries had been reported to the SFPD. A search warrant was issued two months later for Hernandez’s home located on Lorton Avenue in Burlingame.

Altogether, police found 18 bicycles and one motorized scooter in his home. 

Hernandez was then transported to San Mateo County Jail. He was booked on a warrant for receiving stolen property, police reported.

While an arrest has been made, the investigation is still ongoing.