SAN FRANCISCO—On November 4, following Election Night, activists with the organization “Bay Resistance” rallied in downtown and painted “Count Every Vote” on Montgomery Street in San Francisco, intended to be a message for President Donald Trump.

On November 4, protesters gathered in downtown San Francisco and demanded that every vote in every state must be counted before declaring a presidential victor. They also demand that poll workers fairly count all votes and not interfere with remaining counts, and asked Trump to peacefully transition power to Joe Biden if all the results indicate Biden is the winner. 

The demonstrations followed Trump’s premature declaration of victory on November 3, and his following claims that he will file lawsuits and not make the traditional concession speech. Protesters cited the facts that President Trump has already filed multiple lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia to contest the election results, has demanded a recount in Wisconsin and Georgia, and even tweeted “STOP THE COUNT!” on November 5.

“Ultimately, we’re here to show that it is the people who choose the leadership. It is the people who choose the presidency. The way we protect democracy is by not allowing someone to declare themselves the winner,” stated Zach Norris, executive director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, which was one of the organizers for the protest.

Other cities also participated in similar protests following Election Night, including San Jose, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.