SAN FRANCISCO—Local Mexican-Filipino chain “Señor Sisig” has opened a new food truck, which will serve all-vegan food. Señor Sisig owns multiple food trucks located across San Francisco, and is known for fusion “sisig” burritos, tacos, and tostadas, as well as snacks such as nachos and chicharrones. “Sisig” is a common Filipino dish made from pork, and usually seasoned with onions and chili peppers.

The company, owned by Evan Kidera and chef Gil Payumo, has been in business since 2010. They currently have five food trucks serving food across San Francisco, and one restaurant located on Valencia Street.

According to a description from the company, the idea of a vegan-truck started about a year ago, due to a growing number of customers who would ask for vegan options at Señor Sisig’s locations.

The new food truck will debut on November 8, and will be located at 701 Valencia Street in the Mission District. This food truck will be the company’s first all-vegan food truck, and will serve all its usual dishes but with meat substitutions such as tofu or Impossible meat options. The menu will even offer vegan cheese, sour cream, and other toppings for the menu options.

Señor Sisig’s restaurant is located at 990 Valencia Street, and is open everyday with outdoor dining options. To view a menu or locate Señor Sisig’s other food truck locations, visit