HOLLYWOOD—The house is left with two showmances, a bromance, and Michelle. I think it is about time some power couples were broken up!

A special episode was aired Friday with special guests and a carnival theme. Ziggy Marley and Mr. Pectacular were special guests and mini-competitions were held for extra prizes and one game advantage. The flashbacks and humor were a nice break for the audience and houseguests alike apart from all the drama and tension recently. In the end Michelle won an advantage for the Black Box Head of Household competition.

This week is the scary Black Box HOH competition where the competitors are stuck inside a pitch black box with goo, bad smells and feathers to search through for disks. The person with the most disks at the end of the two hour competition wins HOH. Each houseguest has to press down on a button and every once in a while is allowed 30 seconds to search for disks, with Michelle getting one extra search due to her advantage. Both Michelle and James get eliminated when they are unable to press their button on time. Once the two hours is up it comes down to a tie between Natalie and Corey who each found ten disks, and Natalie wins HOH since she found her tenth disk first!

Yay, first competition win for Natalie! Now she is faced with the task of decided who to nominate, and on her mind is Nicole telling her before the previous eviction that Paulie and Paul had thrown out James name. Even though Paul and Victor try to sweet talk Natalie, Natalie and James decide to make a final four deal with Corey and Nicole.

America’s Care Package arrives with the advantage of Co-HOH, which goes to Michelle! She is safe for the week, but she also has to nominate one of the two nominees. Michelle wants Nicole gone, but Natalie is able to convince her to go after two big targets: Paul and Victor. At the nomination ceremony Paul and Victor are put onto the block, Natalie and Michelle make it clear Paul is the target due to his past lies, and let’s just say Paul is not too happy about this.

On Wednesday night Paul takes a page out of Paulie’s book and is aggressive with everyone due to the accusations of him being a liar. Michelle calls him out for knowing about Da’Vonne’s eviction and Natalie says he had thrown James’ name out. Paul points out that Paulie had thrown out James’ name to Nicole and Corey, and Paul had just happened to be in the room. Natalie feels like she got played by Nicole and Corey, but Paul’s story feels like manipulation to Michelle, which makes her gun for him even more. Now there might be the possibility of Corey getting backdoored! Paul calls out Nicole for spreading lies about him and is interrupted by Corey’s awkward, clueless strip tease as he becomes free of the Patriotard.

The Power of Veto will be another memory competition that keeps some houseguests up all night to remember hints for the “BB Storm Watch”. Personally, I think Corey and Nicole are getting a little cocky about their safety in the game since neither of them really bothered to try remembering the hints. Natalie, Michelle, Paul, Victor, James and Corey compete in the POV where they have to read a teleprompter in awful rainy and windy weather while filling in the blanks in the script with hints from the night before. he person with the most points for the correct answers wins, and the victory goes to Paul with a perfect score. Unsurprisingly Paul pulls himself off the block, and even though Michelle personally wants Nicole gone, she puts up Corey as a better game move.

Now comes one hectic eviction night. James is the swing vote and him and Natalie have to decide to either align with Paul and Victor or Corey and Nicole. Paul tries a last ditch effort to save Victor by playing upon Natalie, James and Michelle’s paranoia by acting super friendly with Nicole and Corey. Victor follows along with this plan by acting like him and Paul had a falling out, and it seems like this plan might actually be working.

During the eviction with a vote of 2 – 1, Victor is evicted again. He is pleased by the upcoming battle back, and if he wins he will be the first person in “Big Brother” history to get a third chance at the $500 million prize. The five jurors will be competing alongside the rest of the houseguests during the HOH competition. This is an endurance competition where each competitor is standing on a moving platform. The last juror standing wins a spot back into the house and the last person overall standing wins HOH for the upcoming week.

I can’t even imagine what will go down if Victor, Paulie or Da’Vonne gets back in the house, since they all seem to be strong competitors to me. Next week is the last America’s Care Package where the recipient gets $5,000 to bribe a houseguest. Until then “Big Brother” fans!

“Big Brother 18” airs on CBS Sunday at 8 p.m., Wednesday at 8 p.m., and Thursday at 9 p.m.