HOLLYWOOD—Summer’s guilty pleasure has officially returned. Not sure what series I’m referring to? I’m talking about the CBS reality competition “Big Brother.” This series has been a staple for me for years, I mean there isn’t much that comes on in the summer, but this is my go to show, especially when you have a season with a great casts, not too many crazy twists and people not afraid to play the game. Julie Chen is back as host and we have a cast of newbies America.

I will admit I hate the style of the house. It is terrible. Its camp themed, which means we will have surprises throughout the summer. The two-night premiere kicked off with Julie Chen discussing a powerful twist that will change the game. Hmm, why am I not surprised? So we get our introductions and I was stunned in about 21 minutes we went thru all 16 contestants and the introductions gave us enough to determine who to like and who not.

Jackson, oh, this guy is going to be a tool, he’s an alpha male and thinks his looks and athleticism makes him a major threat. The guy is already in a bromance with Jack, who is Aquaman personified. What’s the problem? I’m concerned by Jack’s ability to branch away from Jackson; he seems like a follower and not a leader. Nicole is quirky, but her antics on day 1 prove she might not be loyal to anyone. Tommy is indeed a vibrant character, with tons of energy, a super fan, and has an ally or foe in the house in Christie, who dated someone in his family for seven years. Juicy details because when Tommy and Christie laid eyes on one another they seemed shell shocked to say the least.

Kathryn seems ditzy, but the verdict is still out on her for me. Ovi is one the one to watch; he seems like the guy next door. Kemi identified herself as a mean girl and one who is not apologetic for her actions. She has a dry sense of humor, so this should be interesting to watch. Holly is a country girl, and I must admit she wasn’t what I thought she was going to be, but once that bomb about Holly and Kathryn knowing one another comes to light it will make all the difference.

Sam, the truck driver, seems to be trying too hard in the BB house if you ask me. Relax, you’re the dad, and people will be drawn to that. For some reason, he reminds me of Casey from BB11. Isabella, man I love this girl; she is feisty and ready to play Big Brother which is always a good sign. Another wild card is Nick. He is a child therapist, but he notes he’s sarcastic and has a loud mouth.

Jessica is a plus size model, who is all about women empowerment and comes across as very authentic and down to Earth. Cliff is the old guy in the house, who happens to be a super fan and knows he has to play his cards right if he wants to stay beyond the first week. Analyse is another super fan, who is athletic and seems like a potential sleeper if you ask me. Rounding out the cast is David, a photographer who used to be overweight, but took action to become a fitness guru.

First twist of the game is the game-changing power known as ‘Camp Director.’ The house would decide who gets the power, similar to how Jerry was selected as the first HOH in Big Brother 10. The difference here is people got to campaign, and Cliff, Jessica, David and Jackson all threw their names in the ring. Jessica seemed to have the votes, but Jackson rallied hard and as a result people, who promised Jess their vote, lied to her. The houseguests got bombed with paint, and some in epic fashion, looking at you Isabella.

So viewers have to deal with Jackson’s overpowering presence for at least 2 weeks now because he’s safe for the first live action (which occurs on July 3). Jackson’s game change power allows him to banish 4 people from the game. They will then battle to get back inside the house. Three will make it and 1 will be evicted. Oh, great another eviction on night one, do we really need this already?

Nicole was already cozying up to Jackson, but this guy’s ego is so huge and it’s only going to get bigger from this point forward. Interesting strategy: Kemi was not willing to beg, and Isabella was willing to jump in on an alliance because when it’s proposed you never say no in the BB house. Jackson was utilizing David as a pawn, and he was not happy. So the banished HGs are Kemi, Cliff, Jessica and David. Let’s just say Kemi was not pleased to say the least.

Kemi, David, Jessica and Cliff battled in a dark maze where they were forced to find their way back to Camp BB. So it’s essentially a timed competition. Cliff was first to find his way back into the house, followed by Kemi who wants vengeance against Jackson. Jackson really didn’t want David coming back into the game and he was lucky, because Jessica found her way back into the house. Julie dropped a twist, she informed David he was out of the game for now, which means we have a Battle Back competition looming in the near future.

Christie and Tommy finally chatted, and we learned that Christie’s relationship didn’t end well. She called him Thomas, and he told her they have to keep their distance to stay safe. Wow, it looks like we have a bromance alliance already with Jack, Nick, Jackson, Christie, Bella and Holly. I’m not loving this alliance people; I’m hoping Christie and Bella fracture away from this group. Jackson was now forced to pair the houseguests for the first endurance HOH. Jackson aka Michie cannot compete, and Jack is already becoming a person I’m just as annoyed by as Jackson. The egos on these guys are too much. Jessica was the first to drop, followed by Jack, Kathryn and Nick. So much for that alliance of six people!

Tommy, Holly, Analyse and Christie were the last four still holding on, and with the snap of a finger it was Christie and Tommy. So we have a new Whacktivity Comp, which will introduce a new twist into the game, not to mention Julie teasing us yet again, telling us David is out of the game, but his power will resonate in a big way during the first live eviction this of the season.

Ok, it looks like there is going to be a ton of twists this season, a ton. Hmm, I’m not sure if that is going to stifle gameplay, but I am intrigued by this new comp. Exactly what is it and how will the power be unleashed into the game? Be advised this first week of BB21 has a funky schedule. It airs Sunday at 8 p.m., Tuesday at 8 p.m. and then Wednesday at 9 p.m. Are you ready for a summer of surprises and too many twists?