UNITED STATES—Today the world is a beautiful place with lots of opportunities. However, a very unstable place. Everyone strives to get wealth and success, and once they achieve it, the most vital thing is to keep it.

Living in a country like the USA, California, may seem care-free, especially for foreigners. Most of them tend to think that all Americans are well-off and their whole life can be described with the word ‘comfort’. Nevertheless, such a widely populated place has got its own peculiarities. In a way, it concerns ways to protect the property from being ruined, damaged and, in case of something, get the compensation.

Why do more and more people choose to get insurance?

A mindset like this is quite reasonable. The desire to prevent the loss is very much human-like. Moreover, vehicle insurance in many states is often required by law. Take, for instance, California – here you should have at least liability insurance to cover injuries and property damage, which makes $15,000 and $5,000 accordingly.

Still, even knowing all of these terms may seem mystifying when it comes to real-life choices. While compulsory coverages are a must-have for every single driver, it’s time to dispel the fog of misunderstanding around car insurance types. The traditional ‘full coverage’ may be misleading as it includes just collision and comprehensive insurances. Oops.

Other types of California car insurance include the following:

Comprehensive coverage. It’s not for everything, just for the accidents not related to the traffic damage, such as a fire, hurricane, theft, etc.

Collision coverage. For the repairment of the cars hit in road accidents.

Personal Injury Protection. No matter who is to blame for the accident, this coverage takes all the medical expenses for the injured. This type can even protect you as a pedestrian.

Flood insurance. Apart from other nasty weather conditions, in the USA floods are known to be the most widespread natural disasters. It can pay you back up to $100,000 in case of the uncontrolled weather.

Uninsured motorist coverage. Despite the law, some people are still kind of rebels. Around 15% of drivers haven’t made any contract about their vehicles. This is most common for states with low or not tracked insurance requirements.

Gap insurance/Loan gap coverage. When a person purchases or rents a new car, and some unpredictable damage is done to it, or it is stolen, this is the case when gap insurance comes in handy. The most advantage you get when the term of usage is a year or so – then the coverage is much bigger than just for a month.

Mechanical breakdown insurance. This is the way you might opt for in a situation when you want to pay regularly an acceptable sum of money instead of spending all of your nest egg if something badly needs fixing.

But which type to choose? If you still doubt about what exactly you need, feel free to contact the licensed agents at americaninsurance.com and make a wise choice!