PORTLAND—Adam Haner, 39, and an unidentified transgender woman were assaulted by a group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland on August 16. Haner has been released from the hospital and is recovering while girlfriend Tammie Martin, also at the scene, is recovering from a hairline rib fracture. The transgender woman is yet to be reached by investigators. The group of protesters harassed at least two other people on this night.

Adam Haner, from his Facebook

Haner was kicked in the head and left unconscious. The current suspect is Marquise Love, 25, who is currently sought by investigators as there is probable cause for his arrest. Investigators have left unacknowledged messages for Love to turn himself in.

Marquise Love, 25, is currently sought by investigators as there is probable cause for his arrest for the assault of Adam Haner.

On August 18 the Portland Police Bureau released this statement: “Yesterday, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) began investigation of an assault that occurred in the downtown area where an adult male associated to a white pick-up truck was violently assaulted. Investigators positively identified the suspect as 25 year-old Marquise Love. Investigators made attempts to contact Love but could not locate him.”

These assaults were chronicled through viral videos posted by Drew Hernandez, who followed both events on the scene. 

Footage shows an unidentified man was being aggressively escorted out of the BLM demonstration by a group of protesters when a transgender woman came forward and verbally defended him on Southwest Taylor and 4th Ave. The group then turned their attention toward the woman, surrounding her and verbally insulting her with various profanities. She took out a baton and showed it to them in warning, however, the group did not move away. One member grabbed her by the shoulder of her backpack briefly, another crouched behind her and took the baton, running away as she chased them. Both her skateboard and backpack were eventually taken from her. A man in the group told her “Just go” as he emptied the contents of his water bottle on her, tossing the container in her direction. She used pepper spray on a member who stole one of her belongings, then she was spat on and threatened with a taser by a woman, grabbed by the hair and beaten. Even as the transgender woman sat down, not fighting back, a group of three surrounded her and hit her. One kicked her head. “I’m not fighting back. I just want my bag back”, she said multiple times. Finally, a man from the group ushered the four away from the woman. The last thing she said, before resorting to profanities, was “I can’t even get into my house without my bag.”

Investigators say they are still trying to locate the transgender woman. 

The group appears to remain close by, chastising her. At this point, Adam Haner and his girlfriend Tammie Martin were driving by in Haner’s white pick-up truck on their way to Martin’s car parked in the city. They saw that the woman was being harassed. Haner stopped and got out of the vehicle to help her. He is seen in the video talking to the group, all with raised voices. “He was trying to help and they called him a white supremacist, and then some black lady smacked him and he got in his truck,” Martin told FOX 12 Oregon. 


That is when Martin got out of the truck. She was punched then lunged at from behind and knocked to the ground. When she looked up, Haner was in the truck trying to drive away, revving the engine. Someone from the group kicked his car, another bunch knocked on the driver’s window. Haner drove away without Martin. 

Haner Drove the pick-up a short distance before crashing at Southwest Broadway and Southwest Taylor Street, blocks away from the federal courthouse where protests took place. The group had chased after the pick-up, and pulled Haner from the vehicle almost immediately after the crash. Around ten people are seen in the video, all surrounding Haner as he kneels on the floor. Someone in the group kicked him in the back of the head, which he responded to by standing. Another group member grabbed Haner saying, “You’re not leaving, Bro.” Jorge Ventura of Fox News arrived at the scene at this point. His footage captures a man riding by on a scooter saying, “Stop recording.” Haner was eventually beaten and pushed by the group. He told them, “I ain’t tryna hurt no one.”


Haner fell unconscious after being kicked in the head by Marquise Love, 25, who is currently sought by investigators as there is probable cause for his arrest. In the video, Love can be seen wearing a security vest that belongs to the uniform of employees of Star Protection Agency. The agency recently released a message stating Love “is not employed by Star Protection in any capacity and is not licensed or recognized to provide security services in the state of Oregon.” 

The moment after Haner falls unconscious after Love kicks him, screenshot from a video posted on Twitter

Haner was tended to by BLM medics. Martin, who had caught up by then, said, “Next thing I knew I found him on the ground unconscious, and when I got there, he was on the ground, I didn’t know if he was breathing and I didn’t know what happened.” Martin said that police had to form a protective wall around her after an ambulance took Haner to a hospital for his injuries. She says the group called her a white supremecist and wished her boyfriend dead. 

Adam Haner posted this picture of himself on Facebook, days after the beating from a group of protesters

Shortly before 10:30p.m., police responded to a 911 call from someone who said protesters “chased a white Ford” truck, which then crashed in the downtown area, then dragged the driver out of the vehicle. Another caller told police that nine to ten people began “beating the guy.” A squad from the Rapid Response Team responded to help secure the scene while the investigation began. Haner was transported to the hospital by ambulance with serious injuries. The group stated Haner was trying to hit them with his vehicle. Haner denied this. There is no evidence to show this is the case. 

Most of the crowd had dispersed by 1 a.m.

Love is the father to a young son. He has a criminal history, and was charged with fourth-degree assault and harassment in a domestic violence case and jailed in February 2017 at the Washington County Community Corrections Center as inmate 19556801. Earlier that night, Love assaulted another BLM protester. He stands 5’9’’ and weighs 160lbs.

The victim’s brother, Brian Haner, has set up a GoFundMe for him. Brian Haner wrote, “He would give the shirt off his back to help any of the people around him, and he really didn’t deserve what happened to him in Portland.” In 24 hours, the page received almost $100,000 in donations. The day Adam Haner was attacked happens to be his brother’s birthday. 

A photograph of Adam Haner included by his brother, Brian Haner, on his GoFundMe page

Adam Haner is a former Wildland firefighter. He is a convicted drug offender, who received a probationary release from prison and now works as a laborer at General Labor and Industrial Staffing Solutions in Wilsonville, Oregon. 

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Detective Brent Christensen at 503-823-2087 or at Brent.Christensen@portlandoregon.gov.