UNITED STATES—When I say the word capitalism, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For most people its business, but there is more to this loaded word than people suspect. However, capitalism, while linked to business is about producing a product for consumption, where the owner reaps the benefits while the workers don’t.

Yes, people can make the argument that capitalism is a good thing because it creates jobs, but it does raise the question, but at what expense. We know the bourgeoisie i.e. the owners reap the greater benefits of the product produced especially when the sales explode for the product or item. While on the other hand, the proletarians i.e. the workers make crumbs.

When I think of capitalism, I constantly think of the fact that the owners get richer and richer by the minute; yet, more than 75 percent are not willing to pay a decent wage to their workers. Why is that people? I mean of course, business owners are going to be livid by this column, but let’s be honest, I truly don’t care. I’m not here to make people happy; I’m here to drum up a conversation that is long overdue. Why are we so geared towards a capitalist society, when we know that capitalism allows the rich to get richer, and the poor to stay precisely where they are? Capitalism fuels INEQUALITY people!

If you had more owners willing to pay a decent wage to their works instead of collecting a 400 percent or higher share of the profits, a bit of the wealth could be shared. It’s even worse when ‘so called American’ companies move production overseas to cut costs even more to make their wallets fatter. It’s sickening for those overseas because they make half, if not less than what Americans would make to produce the same product.

Take for example the fact that the latest iPhone was released last week. This just annoys me to hell, every September a new version of the iPhone, iPad, Mac Pro, whatever Apple arrives in retail stores and consumers flood the place to fork over money for a device that pretty much does the same thing the last device did. The one important factoid is that it’s the ‘latest version.’

People stop lining up for something that is NOT going to completely change your life. And for those who just LOVE the idea of having all your information on your phone think again. If that phone is stolen you are screwed. Your bank information, credit card information, all that information that you suspect is ‘safe’ is now in the hands of a criminal. So think twice!

Apple products have to be some of the most expensive products in my opinion and most of their product is indeed crafted overseas, so it makes perfect sense why Apple and so many other corporations are billion dollar industries: the cost of labor is little to nothing people. If you’re not spending anything, and selling like crazy, you’re gone to make a ton of money. Capitalism is not all bad, but at the same time it raises the important question of where our country is headed when the focus is on MONEY and nothing else. I have a question: is America ever going to resort to becoming a country that is not solely driven by its capitalist needs or desires or is the worse yet to come?